MAXXAire MAX Roof Vent Covers

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, January 20, 2012, 11:33 AM

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So we have used other brands in the past, but the new MAXXAire MAX roof vent covers are the bee's knees!

They were really easy to install.  The brackets do screw down to the roof so use your silicone and eternabond tape or whatever it is you like to use for screws and brackets that penetrate your roof.  But the design of the brackets is great.  You decide which way you want it to open, left or right, and set the brackets up accordingly.  Then, when you want to clean them, you just pull two pins and the whole unit swings up to the left or right, depending on your preference.

They are higher than most vent covers too, which means your vents will open all the way, even power vents like Fantastic fan vents. 

The MAX version is pentagonal in shape, and those are the ones we bought.  There is so much air flow we can't even tell the difference between not having them, or having them in place.  The vents have screens in them to keep bugs and wasps from building nests in them, and it seems to keep them cleaner too.

We bought ours...two of smoke colored polycarbonate...and its flawless.  They are really careful with their molds, and they are just as clear as decent sunglasses...everywhere.  Excellent workmanship and quality control.  We chose smoke color to keep the light pouring in a little dimmer...we have lots of windows for light...but they come in white, clear, smoke, tan, dark tan...maybe a few more colors too.

They function perfectly in rain storms.  Even during Hurricane Irene, they didn't leak a drop of water through the open roof vents.

At a price of around 35-45 bucks each including shipping, they are worth every penny.  Shop around on Ebay and whatnot, and you can find them at the cheaper price.

And they look nice too up on the roof!

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I have two Maxx Aires over the vents where I have the fans.  Two other brands where I don't.  I'm satisfied with all of them, but I have no quibbles with your assessment of the the Maxxes.