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Odd & Other RVsOdd, Rare & Unique RVs!63
Bumper Storage and CarriersGot a neat rear bumper storage or carrier set-up?
Post it here!
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Safe-T-Plex 519 Reflective Elastomeric Roof RepairWell like so many before me it looks like some little gremlin got up on our roof with a straight pin and put a thousand little pin prick holes in our new/old winnie. So like many before us what to do? New roof, rubber roof, cool seal? Well we went with this product up here in Canada called
Safe-T-Plex 519 White Reflective Elastomeric Roof Coating

Spent the day washing the roof with a product called Spray-Nine. Now when these folks say this is sticky shoot they aren't kidding. This stuff is unbelievable.
Refurbishing the Stove TopRather than buying a new one, a little paint and a lot of elbow grease and it's as good as new!8
Rustoleum Exterior RepaintWeather worn and faded paint are a common eye sore on our vintage RVs.
Here's a way to restore it's original beauty without the expense & hassle of using automotive paints!
One day roof re-sealClean, repair and re-seal your roof in one day!11
Car Hauling WinnebagoThis special purpose classic Winnebago is a complete, well planned and executed project, designed to carry cars and the cab seats 4 people.

Photos supplied by TJ Lilliman (LJ-TJ)

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