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Started by ClydesdaleKevin, January 22, 2012, 11:47 AM

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We bought one of these for the bathroom, since it is way cheaper than a Fantastic fan, and we only need the air in the bathroom to vent OUT at high speed, but preferably quietly.

The Heng Vortex power vent fan kit is a good affordable option for bathrooms.  They cost about 45 bucks.  Also look them up when shopping for them under Hong Vortex. 

What it is is this neat white plastic fan, complete with a big easy to use knob, and it comes with adapters to fit every brand of 14x14 existing roof vent.

It is just the fan, and you need to have 12 volts running to the vent.  Installation is easy...it screws into existing holes...and if you already have that noisy little side fan that rattles and vibrates in your vent, all you do is unscrew it and remove it, remove the handle, the screen, and then this fan screws in as an entire unit, from the bottom, so you don't even have to get on the roof.

It fills the whole vent opening, and has huge blades, with a built in screen and knob, and it looks slick...it looks factory.  It has a push button for on and off.

It only vents out, which makes it ideal for bathrooms.

It draws a LOT of air.  Sucks all the steam from your shower right out, even keeps the bathroom mirror clear of fog.  Also good for evacuating smells out of the bathroom.

Its pretty quiet too...way quieter than those little fans, though not as quiet as the Fantastic.

The screen cover removes easily for cleaning...rotate slightly, and it comes down.  Install is the reverse, and easy to line up and replace.

It comes with clear and easy to follow installation instructions.

On our rig, we replaced the whole assembly in the bathroom, vent and all, because the vent was missing a handle, the screen was ripped, and the vent cover had a crack in it.  Since we only had to get a simple non-power vent, I found one for 30 bucks with a white lid...lots of light in the shower since there aren't windows in our bathroom...so the whole cost was only 75 bucks...for a quiet powerful vent and fan combo.

These things aren't nearly as nice as a Fantastic or Shurflo fan, but they sure are one heck of an improvement over the stock vent fans, they look great, they work great, and I highly recommend them for bathrooms.

They only have one fan speed, and vent out.

This is a great product for the low low price of 45 bucks.

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It is Hong.  I have two of them in the Alfabago.  At the time I wanted to convert two of the vents, I couldn't afford the high priced ones, so I installed the Hongs.  And, I got two of the Maxx Aire II vent covers for use in those spots.  It all worked just fine, and the total cost--for all 4 items-$203.56 (plus tax, of course). 

The name of the fan kits is Hong's Vortex kit.  And with the amount of air they can move, "vortex" is the right name!


Had to look these things up!  I've got the old school style fan in my bathroom that has a frightning sound with little air movment.   

Amazon has them for $46.95 right now.
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Thanks guys!  It is indeed the Hong Vortex fan kit, and I made the necessary correction to the post heading and first post.

These things really are worth the money!

We've had ours for a year and a half already, and use it all time...mostly right after we shower to get the moisture and fog out of the air.  We can't use it while we shower, since we don't have a solid shower door and the roof vent is right over the shower tub, right over your head.  It draws so much air out that it sucks the shower curtain into you if we try to run it while showering...lol!

It still works great after all the use.

These things are definitely a best buy for bathrooms, and for your other living spaces if you are on a tight budget.

Kev and Patti, the furry kids, our 1981 Ford F-100 Custom tow vehicle, and our 1995 Itasca Suncruiser Diesel Pusher.


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Heng it is and the prices are all over the place so shop wisely



 :)rotflmao  Its all Chinese to me!  Anyhow, post recorrected...lol!

Kev and Patti, the furry kids, our 1981 Ford F-100 Custom tow vehicle, and our 1995 Itasca Suncruiser Diesel Pusher.