What is this suspension part??

Started by Winningbago, July 01, 2023, 11:04 PM

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On my 1985 p30 Winnebago I have a leafspring that is connected to both lower control arms in the front suspension.

I've searched everywhere online and can't find anything like this or what it would be called...


That is a helper spring designed to raise the front suspension. If I recall, they were made by Hellwig.
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Quote from: Elandan2 on July 02, 2023, 08:45 AMThat is a helper spring designed to raise the front suspension. If I recall, they were made by Hellwig.

Thank you for your insight! I tried searching every iteration I could think of but still haven't had any luck any a brand or manufacturer or anything...

EyezOpen highly suggested removing it and I can see his point. Would you have the same opinion as well?


It was an add on part designed for the P30 chassis. It serves the same purpose as the air bags inside the coil springs. It might be an idea to contact Hellwig and see if they have any more information. I notice on their website, they still have similar looking springs, but they are specified for rear suspensions.
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Thank you Elandan2! I just got off the phone with Hellwig and I emailed the same pics I used in this forum and the guy confirmed it's their product.

They said they discontinued them because the chassis' were old and there wasn't much demand for them. He recommended I keep it on.

He sent me the install pictures but I couldn't post them here since they were barely too large of a file size.


very interesting design. 
It's a traverse leaf spring. Only very few vehicle where equipped with those. 
Some Corvettes and Volvos when memory serves.

Wonder what benefit those bring?  How heavy is your front axle? I would imagine a short spring like this is rather bouncy. How is the ride?

What tires are you running there? Seems like you have lot of rubber on the Rim.


Hi eXodus. I have a 1985 Winnebago Chieftain 22' so I don't imagine it's too heavy compared to the 30-35' ones of the same era.

I'm running Cooper HT3 215/85R16.

My previous P30 had 235/85R16 (different brand) but I was nervous at how little tire gap there was on the duallys.

Hellwig said it was their product and it was to help stabilize the front end or something. He didn't quite know. He sent me the PDF for the installation but there's no name of the product :-/


The short P32 are basically  Chevy Dually Pickup trucks ;)

I'm also running 215/85R16.  but they are don't look as massive as yours. Lately I realized that the manufacturer are pretty loose with "215" or "85".   When you get two different makes or styles - the tires can be different be a good margin - even when being listed as the same "Size"

Usually happens when you go from a Street Tire to All seasons or all terrain tire.  My new AT tires on my Pickup are about a 1.5 inch taller then then street tires (HT) - while having the same nominal  size.

One brands 235s might rub on the dually - while another brand won't. 


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