Removing/Replacement Radiator 1984 Chieftain 454

Started by johnfrederick, July 12, 2023, 10:36 AM

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Awhile back I removed the front cap and radiator from my 84 Cheiftain to replace all the belts. Then put it all back together. NOW the radiator is leaking so it looks like I'm doing it all again !

Is there any other way to get the radiator out without taking the front cap off ?

Any suppliers for a radiator for an 84 Chieftain with 454 engine ?

Great site, thanks !



I have never seen nor worked on your model but by this picture, it looks pretty easy to get to the radiator..Front grill and access door removal and you would be right at the radiator.

Are you saying that you took off the front total face on the last job??
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Thanks for responding. For some reason I took off the cap and all. Maybe I didn't need to, I don't remember. Starting back on this soon, will report back.

Does anyone know if taking the wheels off will allow access to the radiator ?


I have visited the site you sent over. They appear to have a radiator that fits. When I pull the existing radiator I am going to have it tested in hopes of saving it. This unit only has 23,000 miles on it so wew'll see.

Thanks, John


Make sure you look carefully to get the best deal for your $
EBAY - 84 Chevy P30 454 Radiator

This does not look to be a hard to find part (EBAY, Autozone, Advance Auto, Summit, Amazon).  Comes in many different variations


Just received my new aluminum radiator, all 700.00 worth. Couldn't find anything else that fit. Replacing the old core was the same cost so I went with the new.

Question is.... there is an extra tube coming off the back of the new radiator that wasn't on the old radiator. Supplier says it is for the heater. Should I re-route the existing heater hose to the radiator or would it be better to tie everything together with a "T" or ??

I found oil in the old radiator. I am hoping that the oil was leaking from the cooler inside the old radiator and this new one will fix it

Thanks, John

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Pics would help, I have a stock 82, this should be simple