Link from under sink, possibly water heater?

Started by Adventure, July 01, 2022, 04:02 PM

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There is a leak under our sink I suspect it's the water heater but don't know for sure, I've dried it up as best I can with wet vac and blower, drained the hot water tank and switched to the water pump, any tips on how to know for sure and how long it will take, if it is the water heater is the only solution replacement? Thanks

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Don't they take much longer to heat the water up and use much more gas and water because everything needs to heat up first? with boilers you have instant hot water because the boiler is allready hot, In this case the water needs to warm up first, so a lot of loss of water before its warmed up?

I have a waterheater at home and I hate the damn thing. Can't do much about it as i live in a rental home. First over a minute fiddling with the waterknobs to get the right temperature. During the shower adjust the flow. In the summer when i just want the cold of the water the thing is a nightmare. Or it's to hot, or it's to cold. On the other hand when a boiler is out of hot water..... That's the advantage of a waterheater.

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I've taken a long time to read people's responses to this heater. Almost all of them are quite positive, when problems do occur it revolves around water pressure and fragility. So constant water pressure...ok first I removed the old grey piping and went with pex, no more reducers in the grey line that is good. Soon the 50 gallon reserve tank will be fitted with a pump that can deliver 40 psi when used.

Next was fragility, this heater so quite light weight, so mounting correctly was important, while it's somewhat supported by the outside frame the main body of weight is on the unit as a whole. I simply placed the unit in, and then braced the bottom so the unit as whole carrys the weight and shock...I built a wood/foam sandwich base. The outside collar merely keeps the unit firmly in place.

Think simply about wasted water, there is only 5' of water line my case that is not heated, by the way the same amount for a old tank heater. I've never seen credible reviews stating increased gas usage, actually the opposite. It is on demand, with all that being said water temperature rise can be a big thing. If the incoming water is extremely cold the unit can only heat it up so far. I believe 45 degrees incoming is a break point for myself, and then I will default to the 50 gallon tank under the bed. This RV will never see 50 degrees temps while in use.

Soon I will post some results, I just finished putting new new front suspension in and a new water pump. Those two operations really kicked me down, lots a heavy parts to move around a long with a lot of clumsy positions.. They were a tall cup of whoop a@@ comes to mind,I am mending was a really tall glass. Moderation has taken on a whole new meaning.

Some of the issue's, easily addressed.


Thanks for the extended answer.

I'm thinking of building in a Boiler that heats thru the engine (boat boiler) and electricity. and leave the old one intact just in case.

After all, I have a generator when I need extra heat and the heat coming from the engine you get "for free". Certainly with gasprices as they are now here in Europe it's an interesting option.

I only wish I had bought it a year ago. Then it costed €575,= Now it costs €701,10. On the other hand, I still have plenty of time.

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lamo...I get excited about it that is true. We have a aqua hot heater in the beast, made short it is diesel fired instant heater which basically does the very same thing as that little tankless heater. But they are very spendy, servicing one can run more than the cost of that tankless heater. So if that little tankless job works out...It Bye..Bye..for the aqua service.. W%

Quite a the way that tankless does the same instantly..about 2 glasses of room temp water and then she delivers hot water at 110 degrees if needed.