1984 Winnebago Floor!

Started by NITTRO, July 09, 2022, 09:03 AM

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Patented as "Themopanel".  You can make it, as described above.
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Well you took out the skins structure, so replace it. My 83
Rambler was is constructed in the same manner,foam glued to the aluminum walls and the interior panels glued to the foam once again. A sandwich type of construction, works quite well my gambler sheet metal is superb.

Lowes sells 4×8 sheets of foam insulation, pick your width and cut it to size


 :)clap Hello. I am doing a Complete remodel of My Winnebago. All the insane amount of wood inside has been removed. As i scrap the wood off of the sheetmetal underbelly I find that wood was pinched between the drivetrain Frame and the couch frame????? Oooops??? The sheet metal seems weak without the wood glued to it. So i have to somehow glue a non wood board to the sheet metal after i seal any holes but the unanswered question is What happens when i take the elevator bolts out and clear out the remaining wood that is inbetween the Frames??