Generator barely turns over at start up

Started by newrvguy, June 19, 2014, 03:46 PM

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My generator started and ran fine yesterday today I went to start it and it would barely turn over like not enough battery juice.  I have 4 6 volt batteries brand new wired in series, parallell to 12 volts and have the generator hooked to it.  Why wont it start now....I check voltage 12.4 at the terminals.. HELP


Wel need to know the entire serial number including the spec number which is part of the number string. Give a little better description of the symptoms and anything you have tried so far to repair it. I am not a generator expert so I cannot offer much help but I know what they will be looking for when you post and the more info you put up the better chance you have of getting an answer.


Mine wasn't ran for 15 years and its an Onan 6.5 but I had a guy who went through it and gave it a tune up and carb cleaning. Without him charging me shop labor   because he works for Onan I paid $60 for parts. So like everyone has said about maintainance being cheaper than repairs is TRUE. Plus it gives you a chance to get away from others and just tell them you have to stay outside with it to listen to make sure its running right :)clap


Check your ground wire.. if it rained, got wet, got loose....
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I'm with Tina on this one. I know I've said it a lot but 90% of my issues for everything on the Rv is a corrosion or loose connection issue my friend. I actually took my battery connections off and cleaned them and the post then tightened them back down and a lot issues were solved.
It sounds crazy but you can read the voltage with very little contact but when that Genny wants power, it has to be connected really good and not just tight enough so when you try to move it it doesn't.
Did you put on new connectors? Are they the correct size for the post?  i??
I'm not doubting you but speaking from experience. Remember that the ground has to equal to the positive, meaning that ALL contact points need disassembled and cleaned.


I will reassemble and check all connection the batteries are all brand new and I made the cables custom with thick 2 gauge battery wire with good strong battery ring connectors I will doublel check must be a loos connection.  Thank you so much for the input, I will keep you informed.


Crank it for a little bit and if it is turning slow check all of the battery connections by feeling them with your hand. They should not be hot. If only one is hot that one is a problem. If they all are hot then the starter is drawing way to much amperage and you have a problem there. Could be a bad bearing in the starter and the armature is shorting out on the windings. Some of these use the generator itself as the starter and I have no idea about them.


Still would be helpful to get a model number..
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I thought you were talking to him in chat box about a Coleman 1750


Just wondering if it was a loose connection or ?????