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Started by Bill Hime, August 17, 2017, 11:08 PM

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Bill Hime

With our impending cross country move and possible "short-long-term" stay in an RV park. My question to all of you is, What options are there to receiving mail, having an address for the DMV, IRS or cellphone company?

And the journey begins....!


Hi are you meaning the information you want for Colorado Springs? Let me know I can get you all the info.

Please just send me a PM and I will reply ASAP.

Bill Hime

thanks plockit! I will definitely be pming you  :) .
How or where do you establish a postal address that's recognized by local, state and federal for voting, vehicle registration, etc..?

And the journey begins....!


Bill, check out you tube, their are several videos with that sort of info for full time nomads, one of the favorite & easiest states in South Dakota


When I was in trucking I had several post office boxes across the country. The problem is a lot of official business's do not send to PO boxes. Check trucking sites and see what the full time and long haul truckers do nowadays.


I'm in Canada, close to the border. A number of the companies I order from in the US do not ship here. I use a receiving service in Blaine. They set their customers up with a unit number rather than a post office box number.
Once they receive it they email me and I go down and pick it up.
My Name
1300 Boblett St. Unit 1431
Blaine  Washington  98230

This way there is no problem with the address.
I've never checked, but I am sure they would accept and forward mail within the US if you wished. And, of course, paid for the service.

For Canadian mail and items that do ship cross border I have a Canadian Post Office Box. They, however are set up so you do not have to us a PO Box designation. My box number is unique to me throughout the country. With the PO box number and computer sorting, anything will get delivered to my physical box. To avoid trouble with companies that won't (and there are a lot) deliver to a PO Box I give my address thus:

My Name
11111  -  8165 Main St.  Vancouver, etc.....
11111 would be the PO Box No.
8165......would be the Post Office (depot type) address.
There is nothing to indicate it is a PO Box.
Never had a problem with either service.
I've been doing this for over a dozen years, first when I lived and cruised on my boat and now with the RV.
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Had same problem, all mail was sending to my brother.