Carefree Center Leg/Rafter Support and Cradle

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, January 26, 2012, 11:31 AM

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Now this little item from Carefree gets a thumbs up...5 thumbs up actually.

Its made better than the awning itself, is easy to use, and relatively easy to install.

Mostly it just screws on, with brackets...but you do have to rivet on a backing plate for supporting the cradle, and you do have to drill a small hole in the awning roller tube which is where the rafter part slips into the tube.

It tensions the fabric in the center very well, and the center leg drops down is adjustable...and has holes to stake it down.

The cradle is one of the things I really really like about it.  Its an aluminum support, kind of shaped like a giant Pringle potato chip for lack of a better way to describe  When you roll your awning up for travel, the roller tube and fabric engage this support, which flips up and then under the roller tube.  It supports it while you travel, so the roller tube won't bend from gravity and bumps in the road.

Having the center leg down when parked supports the roller tube as well, so it helps preserve the straightness of your roller tube.

I wish I had this all roller tube on the Simplicity bent within a month of not being supported and now has a significant wobble.

These Center Leg/Rafter supports supposedly work with all awning types and brands, including ones with sun shields.  Since I've never seen A&E's version, I have nothing to compare it to, although I would guess A&E would be even better in quality.  You can retrofit it to any existing awning.

At around 120 bucks for the whole setup, I think its worth the money, and I'm glad I bought it.

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