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When you have ordered a dowloadable eManual, you will receive a confirmation email with info on where to get the download link.  If you don't get this email, you can simply go to the Store main page and click on the "My Orders" tab at the upper right of the store listings.  This will take you to the details of your order. 
On the far right of line of info, click on "Download Link" - "DownloadNow" and the download process will begin.  Be sure to save the file on your computer. 
In the event you are unable to download the file or your computer suffers a fatal heart attack at any time in the future and you lose the file or cannot get the file, please contact me at mmsobyak (At) yahooDOT-com for assistance.

It is highly recommended that you backup your computer on a regular basis to prevent loss of this valuable information.

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Re: eManual downloads - Important info on how to get your eManuals
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To contact Mark with questions or problems using the store contact form:
  • At top of this page select the "Store" link from the main menu bar
  • At the top right of that page (under the store header bar) you will see a sub-menu that has the selection "My Orders".  Select that link.
  • AT the bottom the that page will be a message field with a "Contact Store" button.
 Enter your issue in the block and select the "Contact Store" button.