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Started by James E Vining, June 10, 2010, 10:56 AM

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James E Vining

I have been frustrated to no end looking online and at all the parts stores. I even Emailed Haynes concerning chasis and engine information on my 1971 Winne with the Dodge M300 chassis with no luck.

I then see you have all the manuals I need the chassis/parts, Repair and the manual for all the plumbing,wiring etc.!

I am very happy to see this as I have ran into issues where I will need torque specs on the engine and all the info I can find on the Winne's features as it looks like previous owner, scavenged a bunch of the items needed to function. I.E Water tank, Water Heater, Duel battery tray and battery wiring and I have found alot of the copper tubing for water or propane is missing.
This will make my retoration project so much easier now.


Glad you came over and looked from the other site.
Food for thought.
I have seen posts on other sites that this site is slow in activity.  Could it be that is because people find the info here using search which means they do not need to ask the same question over and over?


Glad you found us and the resources we have for you.  And, that doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg of the most important resource:  moral support!

Dave, you go bro!  If the other sites were to measure our "activity" accrurately, they should look at our page hits, not our number of new posts.  They are phenomenal, not to mention our growth rate.  The stats can be seen in detail at the bottom of the message board index, including additional options to view more stats.

And nobody, hands-down has the compilation of critical resources, including well covered topics we have so.... if I may...

I give a most heartfealt  :P  to those other sites, 'cause we simply have the best bunch of folks here that every was!
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AND Mark and the staff  welcome all and any information including other websites to list in  the resource section - there are some RV  forums that do not like other forums or websites that they do not  'approve'  of mentioned on their forums- if you are going to restore/repair/update your Winnie or any other vintage RV then parts and repair information is what you need  along with product info that may be helpfull in replacing some part that may no longer be available-some forum members and even some community moderators will  contradict some posts even though the member posting that info is correct - just because you disagree with someone doesn't  mean you can openly attack another member- that does not happen on CWVRV thanks to the dedicated people who run and moderate this site - just look at the number of new members- that speaks for itself- THANK YOU Mark and everyone that makes this site possible!    :)clap