Holley 670?

Started by probird462, May 19, 2024, 12:29 AM

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I have a 1986 class a motorhome with a 454.
I was given a Holley 670 avenger and was wondering if anyone has any experience with one?
Right now it has a jumbled together Rochester qjet the previous owner put on just to get running.
Thanks in advance.

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It will be just fine. Big Cfm carbs are made for higher rpm ranges. Your RV engine would have great difficulty ever reaching 40000 rpm under a load.


Just be careful of the linkage system..It is very important that the linkage from the carb down to the transmission is correct..If it is not adjusted right, it will burn up your transmission because the line pressures will be off..

As I am finding out, the Q jet is a decent carb..It is just a matter of learning it's systems and tear down procedures..

Plenty of Ytube videos to go over..  Quadrajetpower.com is excellent..

Cliff Ruggles book on the Q jet is great too..
The best mechanic is the one that can make it run with the least amount of parts!

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As stated above, it may very well be more cost effective and less complicated to simply rebuild the Quadra jet. A linkage setup can get tricky and expensive, a carb rebuild is about $100 for a DIY job.

Then there is always the chance someone has tinkard with the Holley (jetting) rebuilding the Quadra jet might well be the answer..Lol such is life.


When I bought my 71 Winnebago 413,it had an Avenger 670 on it.It required pretty consistent adjustments.I replaced it with new Carter AFB 625.Just one set of adjustments,7 years ago.It got 2 mpg more.Ive had race cars,hot rods, muscle cars in 50 years of experience....Holleys are made for wot, Carter s are better for street use JMO