Restoration & interior remodel of a 1977 Dodge Champion

Started by DatteKans, June 09, 2023, 12:46 PM

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Hey everyone,
So my friend gave me a 1977 Dodge Champion that had served as a touring truck for multiple Montréal based bands for over 15 years. It had been sitting in storage for 8 years and his recent break-up saw him need to get rid of it ASAP. Long time friend, he gave it to me and showered me with quite a few stories as well.
So I just came back from Europe and have started working on it slowly with my friendly boy. I had a P-30 before and did the same thing with it years ago, wood stove and all, seeing as we are in Quebec, Canada. But it stayed with my ex-husband, while I got the Champion.
We've started to strip the interior almost completely. Green, brown and yellow shag carpet is going as well as the interior walls and a lot more.
The roof has been covered with an aluminium sheet years ago and just needs a caulking job, but the is a small leak in the rear corner, drivers side. Luckily all the interior frame is metal and the insulation is urethane. So not so bad on the inside, there. We will be changing both vents and removing AC and antenna... One small dip in the floor where the sink area was and we will fix it with some plywood after carpet removal.
Right now still working on getting it properly licensed in my name. And slowly going through the motor and chassis. Put the tires at proper pressure, changed the oil and oil filter, removed 150L gas tank (it is a complete mess of rust and sludge... And now we have over 70 L of yucky old gas... And there is still about 20L left). I have found a place who can put it to new for $500, but thats a lot of money for me right now... We are thinking and reading of alternative methods of diy refurbishing it... TSP, pine sol and bearings, then epoxy, etc. But it is quite essential, so we might get it done.
Reinstalled and regreased the propeller shaft. Just got my service manual here, si looking to find my gas filter/s and change them. Gotta find a new container for my coolant and determine if my radiator is good... Not sure about that one yet... Then we try to start it with our gas hose in a fresh gas tank. If all goes well, we check on transmission fluids at that time and make adjustments if needed. Air filter is new, and then we move on to bearings and regreasing. As for interior, we removed all the bath and "shower"... Partner is 6'3"... Ot was of no use to us. Ahhaah so we keep but move toilet and keep fridge, stovetop and oven as well as kitchen sink. Removed overhead beds and we will permanently add our king size bed in the back in stead of adjustable table. One little table will be enough for us. ;)
Anyway, thats our deal right now. Here are a few photos. ** Too large, must adjust before adding...
Keep you posted on our progress and happy to have joined this group
Natalie & Vuškāns