1976 Minnie Winnie, fuel issues.

Started by BenKlem, October 02, 2022, 02:06 PM

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So I just got this beast the other day, it will fire but won't stay running, for the sake of getting it across my yard into the garage. Am I able to bypass the fuel pump and set up a temp fuel cell? I want to get it out of the weather before snow flys. Thanks in advance!

Btw. I ran the Vin, it is a model MB300, with the motor being LA 318-1


 Hm? How are you bypassing the fuel pump? Pull the air cleaner off and look down the carb. Pump the gas peddle and see if your getting fuel in the carb. If not pull the fuel line off the carb get a coke bottle, put the fuel line in the coke bottle and try to start her. If the bottle fills with gas then the problem is in the carb. If you don't get any gas. Follow the gas line back to the fuel pump. You may find a fuel filter on the way back to the fuel pump. Pull the fuel line off the fuel filter. Try to start her. If she doesn't pump gas continue to the fuel pump. Pull the line off at the pump. Try to start her again. If she doesn't pump fuel.  Hm? Take the fuel line off between the fuel pump and the gas tank. Get a gas can with some gas in it  and some rubber gas line hose and connect it to the fuel pump.Try and give her a go. If the fuel pump is good you should get fuel pumping.
The quick and easy way is if your not getting fuel in the carb when you look down it and pump it by hand. Go straight to the fuel pump. Hook a rubber hose and a gas can to the fuel pump and see if when you try to start it it pumps gas. Then work your way back up in reverse to the carb. Hm?


I was thinking gravity fed, opinions?


gravity flow: I'm no physics expert but, it seems there would be no way to regulate the fuel going in.  Sounds dangerous to me but, as I said, I'm no expert. 
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