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Started by PMUT, October 28, 2019, 11:22 AM

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Hi All,Hi Dave, ;-)
I have a serious problem with my vintage RV tag axle brake system... , but first some introduction.
I have bought an 1981 Vogue II on Dodge M400 with the 440-3 engine some months ago.The previous owner told me that I should check the tag axle drum brake and search for an adjustment screw to adjust them.To waste not too much time, it has pointed out that the synchronizer Valve seems to be damage, as I have also lost the whole content of the rear brake fluid over the last 1300 miles.So it's not just the case that the brake needs to be adjusted.....
We are located in Germany, so I have no access to shops who have knowledge about such stuff. Nor I would like to send the valve to the US, to get it re-manufactured, as if it's lost in transit I end up in some trouble.
In the thread "Hydraulic Tag Axle Brakes" User jmerritt reported that his shop has removed the tag axle cylinder and valve and that the tag axle drum brakes are attached to the normal rear brake line.
This could be an feasible option for me, but I'm wondering if there are in the meantime some findings or further concerns....
Maybe there is also a re-manufacturing kit found/available in the meantime, so if so I'm happy to spend some bucks.
Many thanks and a nice DayUlrich


I had a similar setup on my Holiday Rambler.  It was a MorRyde system which used a Dexter axle, which is a trailer axle.   One option which I considered was replacing the whole axle with a new custom Dexter axle with electric brakes and use an electric brake controller next to the drivers seat.

Another option you can consider is an electric brake controller next to the driver's seat which powers a hydraulic sending unit to power your existing hydraulic brakes.   They are pricey but a good option for the situation you are in now:

Or, get rid of the old hyraulic system for the tag axle and T directly into the rear brake line.   See how well it works, maybe it'll be fine!


Ulrich, there is a member on here also from Germany. He has moved up to a newer RV but he had an older Winnebago and he was very well versed in the operation and repair of them. And also in access to parts. I am including his profile info  so you should be able to contact him and maybe he can be of help.;u=6927