Generator mufflers?

Started by Rusty2867, April 20, 2015, 03:54 PM

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My Minnie has a Onan 2500AJ genny,when I got there was no exhaust on it so I got a muffler at tractor supply and man is it loud! Is there an affordable quiet muffler out there,what do you guys recommend?


I've seen car mufflers used and pipe extensions. A friend of mine made a muffler like a gun suppressor using 2' of pipe with holes drilled in it and fiberglass wrapped around it packed inside of a bigger pipe. A lot of fabricating but its great.
You can silence the exhaust with different mufflers but the Genny itself will make a lot of noise because the internal parts aren't designed to be quite like newer Honda motors.


Yeah,a car muffler is kinda what I was thinking.Just looking for ideas.


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Engine and Generator noise is fine, inside or out,... but that "PoP!" from the muffler might as well be a machine gun if your anywhere near it!!! Directed away from the body, I don't hear it inside. But I know others do, so I run it only on the road or when NO ONE is around!!!

My NEXT attempt will be this,...

And thinkin of a spark arrestor,... anyone know if one is really necessary??? I mean, is a spark arrestor "required" anywhere???
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Good Day All,    Regarding Genny exhaust... It's annoying. My old 7500 Watt Kohler was niosey enough& i had two mufflers from a Honda car installed & it worked pretty well for the time but when the unit died & needed replacing I bought a Marquis Gold unit (wont do that again) from Campers Cramp for an inflated price & they said you cant even hear it running at speed. That's not good enough so I added another car muffler outside & under the unit far enough back so as to not pick up heated air for the intake which it also underneath, Ran a pipe to the far back corner of my rig & now it can barely be heard. Also good noise reducing insulation is needed around the genny box as the engines for these things are NOT sophisticated enough for real quiet operation. I'm experimenting with a dual insulated or shielded exhaust to go up to the top of my rig when parked so the exhaust & noise is well above & directed away from sensitive ears. I have a pic or two showing some of this in my picture section if you'll look. Not high tech but cheap & very effective. Have a good day to all. GONMAD