Winnebago Manual Part Numbers & Sources

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Sources & Reference Numbers for Chassis, Coach, Parts Manuals and Diagrams

Owners Manuals Available Through Winnebago Dealers:

YEAR     MODEL          PART NUMBER          YEAR      MODEL           PART NUMBER

1967    Winnebago        001967-01-000          1969    Winnebago        001969-01-000

1970    Winnebago        001970-01-000          1971    Winnebago        001971-01-000

1972    Winnebago        001972-01-000          1972    Camp Coach      001972-02-000

1972    Travel Trailer     001972-02-000          1973     Indian              001973-01-000

1973    Brave                001973-02-000          1973    Chieftain           001973-04-000

1973    Minnie Winnie    001973-05-000          1973    5th Wheel         001973-06-000

1973    Camp Coach      001973-07-000          1974    Indian               001974-01-000

1974    Brave                001974-02-000          1974    Chieftain           001974-03-000

1974    Minnie Winnie    001974-04-000          1974    Winnie Wagon   001974-05-000
1974    5th Wheel          001974-06-000          1975    Indian & Brave  001975-01-000

1975    Chieftain            001975-03-000          1975    Custom             001975-04-000

1975    Minnie Winnie    001975-05-000           1975    Expo                001975-07-000

1975    5th Wheel          001975-08-000          1975    Camp Coach      001975-10-000

1975    Itasca Minnie     001975-11-000           1975    Itasca MH         001975-12-000

1976    Chieftain           001976-01-000           1976    Brave               001976-02-000

1976    Minnie Winnie    001976-03-000           1976    Custom            001976-04-000

1976    Elandan            001976-05-000           1976    Sportsden         054185-59-000

1976    C25CR              001976-07-000           1976    Itasca All          054185-55-000

1977    Itasca All          001977-01-000           1978    Winnebago All   001978-01-000

1978    Itasca All          001978-02-000           1979    Winnebago All   054185-03-000

1979    Itasca All          054185-04-000           1979    Travel Trailer     054185-05-000

77-79   R.V. Service &   701674-02-000           1980    Winnebago All   001980-01-000

1980    Itasca All          054185-07-000           1980    Winnie Wagon   054185-08-000

1980    Travel Trailer     054185-10-000           1981    Winnebago &     054185-12-000

1982    Winnebago &    054185-14-000            1983    Winnebago &    054185-19-000
            Itasca                                                            Itasca

1984    Winnebago &    054185-20-000            1985    Winnebago &    054185-22-000
           Itasca                                                             Itasca All

1985    H - Body          054185-23-000            1986    Winnebago &   054185-24-000
                                                                                Itasca All
1986    H - Body          054185-25-000            1987    Winnebago &   054185-26-000
                                                                                 Itasca All

1987    H - Body          054185-27-000            1988    Winnebago &   054185-28-000
                                                                                Itasca All
1988    H - Body          054185-29-000            1989    Winnebago &   054185-31-000
                                                                                Itasca All

1989    H - Body          054185-32-000
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Given a lot of people are constantly asking for Dodge OEM Factory Manuals for chassis and parts, here is a site that sells them on CD-ROM.  The information they contain should be worth the investment.

Here is another site some may find of help

They sell parts, literature, supplies, for anything Winnebago related. You can also get wiring diagrams; just ask!

Winnebago Motorhome Parts


Sent: 1/26/2006

   I found this site as a source for manuals: and   



Sent: 11/26/2005

There are hard copies to be found occasionally on ebay, for prices from $20 to $100, depending on whom is also bidding on the manual. The title for the 2 manuals are: dodge motor home chassis service manual, and dodge motor home chassis parts catalog. The titles are sometimes written out with motorhome combined into one word, so you have to search for both, and sometimes people use variations of the titles too.

The service manual has the details on the chassis, the part built by dodge, but nothing about what winnebago built onto that chassis. The parts catalog has illustrations of the parts on the driveline, engine, tranny, axles, brakes etc. etc, some with exploded views, and the all-important mopar seven digit part numbers. Although those part numbers may have been superceded in many cases, its still a good way to begin asking for a replacement part. On ebay now there are a couple of the different editions. The different editions that have red and white covers, all cover from the 1969s on up to their pub date, so any edition that has a red cover, or a red circle on a white background would cover your winny. Ebay item # 8017147422 is an example. That seller, irvb, is in the business of selling reproduced copies of the manual. You could call his 800 number and order copies of both the service manual, and the parts catalog. The parts catalog is also good for seeing what the assemblies look like, beside having the part numbers.  The prices for these things have slowly risen over the years, but that also means they probably wont be thrown into the trash anymore.

As far as I know you can get the original manuals on CDs, from I even found a copy of one in a Salvation Army thrift store, and one at a used bookstore.  The manuals for the part built by Winnebago are the owners manual, which doesnt have much mechanical detail, and I havent bothered to get a copy. I already know how to put air in tires.  There was winnebago service manual, put out in 1974 for the first time, but it is rare. I got mine on ebay years ago for $20, and I dont think its worth more than that. The dodge motor home chassis service manual, and the dodge motor home chassis parts catalog, are of much more value, in my opinion. I carry copies with me whenever my Winny leaves the driveway.

And there were manuals put out by the factory and provided to the winnebago dealers. They list the parts for the coach, using a many digit winnebago part number - but as far as I know, neither winnebago industries nor have much in the way of parts for the units made prior to 1974


Sent: 11/28/2005

I'd also like to add that if you find a manual for a 1968,70 or 71 Winnie, it is essentially the same. 1972 and on has different appliances and switches, etc, but even those owners manuals are similar enough to get you on the right track!.

There is also a Chilton's manual that you can find on ebay, and it has some value, but the last few times I've seen one, they have sold for unbelievable prices (more than $100). I think I paid $12.99 for that manual just a year ago from an online (not ebay) bookseller.

You might want to get a copy of the current Winnebago parts catalog, from any Winnebago dealer (free). They still have parts for Winnies as old as ours! Close to you would be McGeorge RV in Ashland, just off I-95 and I-295, or Reines RV in Manassas (also a Camping World superstore, and a fun place to visit). Online, I would go to Mobility RV in Iowa, thay stock the most parts and seem to be the best at service and prices. ( )

The Dodge manuals that Dave describes above are a "must have" if you intend to "do it yourself"

Remembering My 72 D20RG Brave "Smurfbago" The old girl never let me down, and she's still on the road today. quick! get out the Camera... I spotted another junkyard full of Winnies...


Are the parts manuals really still free?  Are they even still available at most dealers for rigs from 1969 to 1979?

How much are Service Manuals in CD form to buy on-line?  $75 - 120?
In hard copy? $50 - $120?

Ok, now take a look at what you can get right here...

Look at this:;cat=42
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Hi there. Happy to be here. Anything for 1968 F17?
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1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Derelict Alive


Hi all...I just acquired a 1965 219-BD travel trailer.  It needs to be rebuilt and I would love to find a manual or list of part numbers.  However, not sure if that is available for something that wasn't motorized.  I need to get a new axel, tires, brakes, etc. but not sure where to start.  Thanks!