Oreck Buster B canister vacuum

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, February 02, 2012, 08:40 PM

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Not quite an RV thing, but most of us want to keep our rigs clean when we camp, even if we are part time weekenders. 

The Oreck Buster B vacuum does the job awesomely, and is small enough and light enough to tuck into a compartment or drawer, but creates enough suction to pick up a bowling all...seriously, these things suck...in a very good way!

They aren't cheap...around 200 bucks new, cheaper on eBay.  And the bags are around 12 bucks for a 5 pack.  But they work great, they LAST...ours is 5 years old now and going strong...and they are light and small.  They also come with all the tools and whatnot.

We blew through 3 Shark vacuums before buying the Oreck.  Burnt them right out.

Since we fulltime it and have carpets and 2 German Shepherds and a cat, we also have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, which is the best vacuum you can buy, bar none...that does the majority of the rug cleaning and shampooing...but the Oreck still gets uses for everything else, like dusting the ceilings, vents, dash, etc., and cleaning out air vents in things like the flat screen TV and the Boondocker converter.  Its light weight and size make it ideal as the perfect vacuum for little jobs.

I highly recommend them as your RV vacuum...not cheap, but cheaper than 3 Shark vacuums...lol...and cheaper than installing central vacs, which can clog with pet hair way too easily with their long hoses.

These things get 5 outta 5!

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