Carry multiple fire extinguishers!

Started by TripleJ, June 10, 2016, 01:35 PM

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So ive been away for a while, took a break from traveling and working on the HR. Had to have emergency back surgery in may, you know - same ol stuff.

The rambler has been sitting in thhe driveway patiently waiting for company. So i decidd to go out today and fire er up to begin prep for a trip end of july.

I do my normal once over after sitting, crank for 10sec, set the choke and fire er up.

About 20 seconds on, nothing out of the ordinary. Then i hear the "whoom!" That nobody who has heard likes to hear again.

Look out the window and theres that black black smoke.

I pull the key, hobble to the fire extinguisher and start pumping it onto he engine from over the front tire. The fire on the ground goes out and the engine fire calms down, but when the extinguisher goes empty it's still burning. So i stumble off after the hose and soak the engine for a good 5 minutes before it finally quits re-lighting.

Now im sitting on the porch glad that i didnt have to call the FD. My neighbors already think ive got a screw loose.

Moral: expect the unexpected, and carry more than one fire extinguisher.
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Wow sorry to hear that, let us know what happened when you find out..


Yes, let us know what went up! At least you did not panic.


I just checked Triplej's profile and he has not even been on here since two days after he posted this back in June, Anyone heard from him?