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Started by Charlevoixboy, September 05, 2022, 08:17 PM

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I am a new member, located in northern Michigan, and have started a rebuild on a '73 Brave.(similar to other members here, which inspired me).  Mine is a COMPLETE rebuild.  Roof and walls are rough. I just completed fully gutting the somewhat cobbled interior of previous ownership.  Good news? Chassis is solid and the old 318 runs really well!  My inventory of needs is growing (broken glass, generator door, rear view mirrors) but the project really keeps my mind active - and helps me forget about the pressure of work. 

Hopefully I will learn a lot more from the expertise here.  Someday I hope to talk it over while camping!

William (Gary) Walker


A complete body rebuild is quite a task but the chassis is solid and running good... That's a great start!
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Welcome aboard Mate, You got one heck of a project ahead of you. That's not a bad thing. The biggest challenge your going to run into is getting discouraged. If I might be so bold as to suggest. Do the bare minimum to put her on the road. Not finished but so you can throw a cot in the back to sleep on and get the crapper working and then get her out on the weekends. You'll be surprised how much interest you will garner. You'll be surprised on how rejuvenating it will be. Buy the time you get home you'll be cocked,locked and ready to rock. Have at her and take lots of pictures and don't be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question you can ask here is the one you don't ask. :)ThmbUp