Mike's 1973 D22 Complete tear out. From the Roof down!

Started by RockwoodMike, September 25, 2019, 11:43 PM

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Any more progress on this Mike?  It has been a while!

And Merry Christmas!!!

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Hi Kevin,
I am afraid not..With it getting dark at 4:30 during the winter..I use to be able to work a couple of hours on it after work during the summer..Not right now though..
I have it all covered up..just waiting out the winter weather..
The next thing that I am going to do is drop out the fuel tanks..See what is all with that..There was a fuel delivery problem when I brought it home..with the side open as it is right now, getting to the tanks will be much easier..Then I will put that side back on..
So that is about it..Just hurry up and wait out the winter..
Merry Christmas to you too!!


Back atcha. Was wondering how things were going. Any way hope you all have a Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the New Year. Maybe Santa Clause will bring you some good stuff. :)clap


Quote from: RockwoodMike on October 18, 2019, 11:18 PM
I happen to own a CNC Plasma steel cutter..BWAAA HAAA HAAA coff coff coff weeze :)rotflmao Got all the info on how all of these type of machines work from cnczone dot com and decided to build one for myself!!
I needed to make a new skin for the inside of the fender well..Instead of the original aluminum, this is 16 gauge galvanized cold roll steel..Heavier but lots more durable for all that happens in the wheel well..

um hi! I need one of those!
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I am Back!!  After the full effect of a divorce and the financial ruin, I have returned!!

What happened to all the photos?? I understand there was a new server ISP transfer..

There is no photos of all the ones I posted..


Yes, unfortunately the move came with loss of all the photo's ever posted at CWVR.  :'(  :'(  :'(


Okay..Darn..I also need to figure out why I didn't get a notice of your posting..

I am thinking that I should start over on this..Because in essence I am starting all over on the D22 Indian..



The transportation of the forum was a nightmare for Oz. What should have taken only days took months, and as far as I understood one of the reasons was that even the old forum was allready riddled with error logs.

QuoteHowever, even before the site had to be migrated, my error log was riddled with background errors due to the aging of the old version I was using and it would literally take a wizard to correct them.  I've gotten pretty good at this over the years but, there's a lot I don't know and I really had no choice but to do a major upgrade and that overwrites all the files I customized.

Having said all that, with what I've learned, I may do some customizing.  The thing is, it seems a lot of people these days like bland, run-of-the-mill presentation of things.  Like houses done in all white ang gray. Like "creativity" is too much.  I don't really know but, I think there's a happy medium to be found and, once I get all the pieces of this puzzle put back together, I'll try to find it.

So, at the moment we have to create the "extra's" ourself. You can edit all yourself in your profile settings. In your case you need to turn on the notifications again. In the left upper site you see your username. Click on it and then "Notifications" and set everything to your desires.


Thank You MIw !!

I didn't have any of the "receive email" boxes checked off..Now they are..

Well shoot..That story of Oz and the migration turned into a nightmare..

I still have all the original pictures that was attached with all the posts..

Wondering if I can edit each post and add back in the original photo..??

I think I should just abandon this 10 page thread and start over..

Like I am with the motorhome start over 


Unfortunately you can't edit the pictures. I've tried. I had a complete gallerie devided in different sections. When I go to "Gallery" and then "Member area" and "My images" I can see all the link to the photo's but not the photo itself. It says "Edit" but if you do then you get the message.

Error Message.jpg

As you see you can add new pictures so maybe that's an option for you as you have only one topic. I Personally wouldn't advice you to abandon the topic as it is about the history of your RV and there still is a lot of good information in there. And I know it takes a long time but maybe Oz suddenly shows to be the real wizard of Oz and fix the problem  :)clap  :)clap  :)clap  You never know,


Alright..trying to get my feet wet on how this all works again..Here is the first image that I posted on page one..

This image is way different than it looks now!!


Alright..steep learning curve being climbed right now..

I guess that it is not possible to go back to the old posts and add in the original photo..or is it and I am not seeing how it is done??


When money is tight, you got to do the things on the restore that don,t cost much money..
I have a small powder coating set up in my shop..

And I am working on the rims, replacing the tires..These rims are painted with a brush with something like Rustolium paint..I have a pot sandblaster from harbor freight and will sand blast the rims clean..

The rim will not fit in the electric oven and close the door..So with my CNC plasma cutter and Autocad I came up with a extension to add to the door opening..

Here is the drawing and the cutting results..


Here is the results..this gives me an extension of 9 inches..I ordered up some oven insulation wool from McMaster-Carr..should be here next week..

I need to remove all the rotten tires with 6 more to go..


I use a Sawzall to get the tire off the rim..It is easier to get the side walls off that way..


With the help of the sawzall I cut all the rubber off the rims..I have a Harbor freight sand blaster and a good size compressor..

All of the rims facing out..4 of the 6 rims were painted by the OP with some sort of super durable white paint..And the sand blaster will not touch it!!

The original paint from the factory,blows off like dust on a table top..

I don't know what he used, maybe some sort of 2 part hardener epoxy, but it is very tough..It will take a while to get those clean to powder coat them.


I think I made a pretty good score on some front calipers from Rockauto..I tore into the right side front brake to be able to see if I bought the right ones..Everything looks good..

The pads looked brand new in regards to the thickness of the pads ..Also the width of the disc is stock..hasn't been cut..

Mechanically, this chassis was taken care of..It is the box that just is pathetic!!


It looks like a fresh exhaust was installed to..With the headers


What are they, Nugeons?

I had my right front caliper replaced and was thinking about the left because they really look cool.

I changed my mind however because the Banjo bolt didn't want to go back again after trying for several minutes, so I had to use the Banjo Bolt of the old caliper (that went on directly and smooth as butter. that one kept leaking however till i turned it so tight that i was really afraid that i would strip out the treads so not impressed with Nugeons at all.

I checked the box but no "made in" was to be found, but I have my suspisions so I send the old caliper to a repair shop and see it can be saved but the piston was really stuck, so I don't know, but these are your brakes! Not exactly a product you want to fail in case of an emergency.


Yep, nothing but China junk for me..Wait, that other one is made in Mexico!


Why doesn't this suprise me  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:

Yes I didn't have that beautiful sticker that you've got  :laugh:

Man oh man, what has the world become to...

Edit: they are bought out...