1975 D21 updates

Started by YYC403, May 31, 2021, 02:00 PM

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New to us as of 2ish months ago, bought it early spring and have been picking away at interior updates, fixing things, solving mysteries and some mechanical matters taken care of.

First thing we did was tear the coaches orange shag carpet out, it just needed to go, subfloor was in good shape which was a nice to see.

From here we tackled removing the AC unit, it was causing the roof to bow a bit and for our usual personally we don't care about having AC. So off it came, was actually a bit of pain to remove with how strong the butyl tape held up.

Just went with adding a regular pop up vent in its place which was a quick/easy install.

Then the cleaning began...lots and lots and lots of cleaning. I think every inch of the inside of this unit has been wiped down and disinfected thoroughly.


We moved to taking care of the roof next, there was a leak towards the rear, kinda irritating the previous owner didn't really do much/care about the unit to give it a lot of basic maintenance/upkeep.

Pics from when we were beginning to apply the liquid rubber and stopped to remove the AC unit and the finished product.

Bought a 5 gallon bucket of liquid rubber and 2 rolls of eternabond, covered all seams and multiple coats of the liquid rubber and she's water tight now.


Moved onto the interior, we honestly didn't plan on updating the inside but once we started cleaning and had a few ideas for what to change on the interior we kinda went all in haha.

Shellaced the cabinertry and painted the coach area, wallpapered the rear sleeping area and the portion of the dinette seating facing the entry door.

Added some tough doorway material for the front step to help keep dirt down/place to leave your shoes when you're popping in and out.

Installed some vinyl plank flooring which looks nice, turned out pretty good.

Put new vinyl covering over the dinette table and kitchen counter, just a nice little update. Peel and stick tiling around the kitchen as well.

Turned out pretty nice inside overall, looks good and wife is happy to have her own touch on the unit


Would love to have the exterior look shinier but there's no clear coat remaining(was there ever a clear coat? lol) so many years of dirt/grime built up on it.

Even goin slow and gentle with a microfiber wash mitt, some paint would come with it.

Did my best on the colored stripping and managed to get some shine out of it but for the white I just left be.


Then all the random stuff that has been done or replaced.

New tires all around, master brake cylinder done, rear axle serviced, spark plugs done, oil change, patched some holes in the resonators, new batteries, propane tank and new propane regulator, installed LED lights in the coach, bought new foam for the dinette and made new covers, made new curtains, and whatever else I'm forgetting.

Stove and fridge both work great, going to figure out the water system this week so we can shock it and be able to use it for bathroom/doing dishes.

Took it out this past weekend for our first camping test run, didn't go too far but we didn't have any issues getting to or from so overall a success.

I want to remove the original Onan generator as the previous owner messed with the wiring and it doesn't work any longer, but don't overly care as I have a nice quiet Honda generator that I would rather use. So we'd like to figure out how to remove the original gen and use that space for wood/storage.

There's definitely some mysteries we have to solve or get fixed but all the big stuff has been taken care of so far, we're happy to be able to use it finally.


Wow!  You really went to town and quickly.  Quite a lot of major work done!
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Can anybody tell me why i cannot see the pictures of this post ?


1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca



Man you did a sweet job. Well done. :)ThmbUp