Electricical Wiring Diagram For Novices

Started by LJ-TJ, May 03, 2017, 04:38 PM

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This is golden information. First I don't understand the wiring schematic for these motor homes BUT! I was just over to a buddies place shooting the breeze when I looked up on the wall and he had a large wiring schematic for a 1975 Winnebago. He had taken the manual to the Business Depot and had them blow it up to the largest size they could. I think he said it cost him $5.00 or $10.00 bucks. It was amazing. You could follow all the wiring from start to finish with ease. So I did the same thing but I took some colored sharpies and colored the wires accordingly. I'm telling yeah it works like a dream. If your like me and not the brightest bulb in the chandler give it a try it's golden. You'll love it. 




Ok! So if you have a copy of the Dodge Motor Home Chassis 1974-75 Service Manual Supplement. Models RM-300,RM-350,RM-400, M-300, M-400, M-500. Go to Page 82-83. Take it to Staples and ask for the largest enlargement they can make understanding the bigger the better. It should only cost $5.00 to $10.00. For those with experience a at working with these diagrams it's a piece of cake. For folks like me I get lost in all the little lines and were they go. With the blow up it's fantastic and easy to follow. Plus the drawing tells you the proper gauge of the wire. For example: D15-18YE/BK translated means D15 is just an identifying number, the 18 is the gauge of wire and the YE stands for Yellow and the BK stands for Black which means a wire that is yellow with a  black strip or to be technical Yellow with a black tracer . So with that in mind you can get a Red sharpie and trace all the lines that read RE or a Green sharpie and trace all the lines that read GR Green. I wish I had of known of the this trick years ago. :)ThmbUp


you must not have known your buddy to long a ?


For Dodge, the D15 represents the circuit number.  You will also see things like D15A, D15B, etc. which represent branches of the root circuit.

John Deere (Oshkosh)
152 Y
152 = Circuit Number
Y = Wire Color

36 B
36 = Circuit Number
B = Wire Color

14 GRN
14 = Circuit Number
GRN = Wire Color
Winney Wiring Diagram Help File

GM (e.g P30/G30) code example:
3 = Circuit number
5.0 = wire diameter in Square Millemeters (10 gauge in this example)
PNK = Pink wire



Thank you, Dave. Excellent info and link. I do have the link 'somewhere' but I never can remember where 'somewhere' is. Now I can add the GM portion and Winnebago link to my electrical file.
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My Winnebago wire colors are easy, Purple.......................... Purple, more purple. ??? $@!#@! $@!#@! $@!#@! $@!#@! They are ALL purple. They must have got a real good deal on surplus purple wire! With NO markers either! So you need loooong jumper wires with alligator clips and a ohm meter to test out wires to find out where each end is. WHAT A PAIN!!!


So guys all good stuff. Sorry I brought it up. We know you guys no all this shoot. It was intended to try and help those of us simpletons who don't know if our asses are punched, bored or sucking wind when it comes to this stuff. Real simple. Blow the lines up bigger so it's easier to follow the lines and were they go to. D:oH! i??

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I wasn't aware that Office Depot could do anything like this until I was asked to blow up a picture of a Luscombe 10 airplane for a friend that had just built one. Office Depot did a great job of it.  I hadn't thought of the wiring diagram, but I am certainly going to do it.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I appreciate any good ideas like this. 
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I use my cellphone for reading tiny stuff now.  They have great cameras in them. 


No apologies needed, I did the very same thing for the diagrams on military vehicles I restore. ALL of the wiring on them is black with little metal number tags on the ends to determine the circuit. A large diagram is very helpful.