Owners manual for 1979 Winnebago Chieftain

Started by OregonEllen, April 22, 2013, 06:54 PM

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I went to the free owner's manuals for the Winnebago and found that there isn't one for 1979, only one for 1978.  Does this mean that the two are basically the same and I can pretty much rely on the 1978 manual to use for my 1979?  I've downloaded it onto a thumb drive, but thought I'd better ask.


It is the closest version we have to 1979 at this point.  Your 79 should be fairly close to your 79.



In 1979, the chassis stayed the same (Dodge) but the body changed from the traditional, "Eyebrow" to the more angular, aerodynamic front end.  Looking at the brochures helps (a little) but not a whole lot since the 1979 brochure was a major drop in quality and content compared to previous years.  However, I wouldn't expect very many changes because... well, Winnebago didn't make a whole lot of changes in the 1970s.  Heck, a lot of the features remained basically the same through the 1980s even though they changed from Dodge to Chevy chassis.
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I have a 1978 "chassis and coach" and it does not have the traditional eyebrow.  I would think the late 78 version and 79 version are probably colose to the same, except for the yar of manufacture.  Also remember that you can have a 79 on a 78 chassis or a 79  chassis.  the Dodge vin will tell the chassis year.  The Winneabago vin tells the year the coach was built.
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