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I know there's a lot of info on the internet about this.  More and more people are moving into the "Mobile Alternative Housing Option" (MAHO as I call it) and need to make a living and first-hand experience is the best teacher of all.  I'm looking for our full-timers to provide info on what they do and how they do it!

As much info as you can and are willing to give regarding the following questions is greatly appreciated.   :)
What do you do?  (Business, blogging, webwork, etc) 
How much do you make from working out of your RV? ** Rough figures of realistic income would be very helpful but it's a personal thing so it's entirely optional.
What's the upside and the downside?
What's the emotional cost?  (separating from family, familiar areas, etc)  How do you deal with it and how do you stay positive while trying to build a business and through the rough times?
What websites, links are out there to help with ideas, methods and even how to raise funds to start a business?
What do you have to really watch out for?  (Major no-nos, scams, etc.)
The feedback you all give here can truly give someone hope and direction in a time when so many of us are facing serious financial chanllenges.  I believe it can actually give some people a new lease on life.


Excellent idea Mark!  I'll get right on it and make a post answering all those questions over the next couple of days.


Don't everybody jump on this at once!  Gosh, I thought it would  be topic of high interest and we have a heck of a lot of full time Rvers here who I thought could give a lot of valuable feedback.  I guess I was wrong. 

I will get some stuff together too....let me get some beers in me and see what I can add.

Mark, I will, as soon as Cruise season starts, I will be living(With two dogs, no cat) and (sort of) working out of my RV..


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