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Dodge 440 to 5.9 Cummins Diesel Conversion!


An incredibly well documented DIY project with lots of pictures, descriptions, tech info and more!
A super read for a really hot topic.,6699.0.html

Gary Eddy:
Met with Ty and his bride Cari(sp?) . Wow are they nice people. And the quality of Ty's work is phenomenal. The fit and finish on his Diesel engine swap is as professional as it gets. I assumed he is a truck mechanic specializing in diesel work.  NOPE! It is just raw talent.
He is now working his magic in the interior.

Greatful that they were able to spend some time visiting with me.
Gary Eddy

Thank you Gary! I am honored that you drove that far to just to see my project. Even better was that you brought down the Winnie. Your craftsmanship and restoration work on the Brave is exceptional. I was also in awe of all they places you have traveled with it. That is truly an accomplishment to be proud of and one I hope to duplicate. Take care until we meet again. Maybe next time I'll remember to take some pictures.

Gary Eddy:
Thank you for your kind words. Ten or so years ago Christy and I made a commitment to take a family trip every year or two and it has been a joy for all of us. With all the things that keep us busy, it is hard to budget the time and money for a trip.  But the memories created with that quality time are priceless.

I hope the interior rework progresses easily for you.  I'm anxious to watch your progress. I was every bit excited to meet you as well as see your project.  Someone with your skill set is very rare. The fact that you did all the math regarding, horsepower, gear ratios, powerband, overdrive and all the space requirements for a diesel six, is amazing.  Being able to "Super Cruise " in double overdrive and have the engine love it is unheard of.

Christy loved the meteor story! She was also surprised about the new Amish community that developed in your area.

Hope you have some place warm to work on it this winter.



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