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Is fulltiming a cheaper alternative to having a house?

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  I have been debating going to fulltiming as a cheaper alternative to keeping ,and maintaining a house??I know the allure of travelling when you want , not having to put up with less than desirable neighbors..And having the option of moving when you want. But getting to the nuts and bolts is it a cheaper way to live??My rv is a 1978 Minnie Winnie 24.5 feet in length, its in fairly good shape, and paid for. My best friend  is little White Bichon 8 pounds of white fur that is already to go, (ready to sniff new places).My house insurance went up 500.00 this year,and then the recurring taxes, year end and year out..Then the upkeep, I am not longer able to do all the repairs like roof replacement by my self???The only problem when I decide to get rid of all that stuff that I have accumulated in 30 plus years..Utilities in a house 3-400.00 month depending on season..What does it cost to live on the road,not staying in highend parks..And  not boondocking all the time..What is reasonable...I have been living frugally for some years now..I would like to hear from all  the benefits, and the minuses?? Thank you ...ben

Ben I have been able to travel and stay most places free  I stay at a R/V park once in a wile but they are very expensive.  The sewer running water pool Electric + a lot of other amenities make them worthwile . But i prefer FREE !! I stay at roadside rests closed business,s Turpike pull offs parking lots Walmarts etc as long as the price is free !! In 15 yrs i have only been chased out once By a Florida State trooper he objected to me being parked with the cars and told me to move over to the truck area Wich i try to avoid due to noise of idleing diesels . Stayed at daytona Beach a whole week every night after a stop at the local watering hole for dinner and refreshments i would get on the interstate and stay at a reststop get off at the next exit and return to the beach over and over  The fee for the beach food and fuel abd refreshments were the only cost I did not have a dog at that time . They have changed the rule at the beach no dogs allowed now ! If you follow the sun and stay at relatives As much as possible you can get by pretty cheaply if you are by yourself !! I stayed at this reststop on alligator alley in Fla they even had a free boat ramp & dock Bringing my boat next time !!

Well Myself and my wife decide to go fulltiming a few months ago. We went from living on a shoe string budget to being able to save $9000 so far in our bank account.

The key is finding low to free places to park. In the off season many places lower their rates and since I'm a disabled Vet many state parks allow us to stay for pennies a day.

I will say you must have a saving account that you are really putting money in, we lost are fridge and a new one was just short of $2000 (We also upgraded to a larger fridge) and we still need to fix a few soft spots in the floor. (Waiting for better weather)

If you do boondocking and have the right set up you can seriously save a lot of money in the long run.

Thanks for the replies. My mortage will be paid of in one year, then I can sell..I am living frugally  now and have been just to keep my house..What I get will be my reserve,and savings will enable me, to make the transition..I should be able to get from 60-low 70's..


* The thing that will catch you off guard is not having anybody controlling your life. No monthly bills so's to speak. No heat, electricity, water bills, no monthly tax bills. It will be what ever you want to make of it. The world will be your oyster. Any time, any place, any where. That is one big pile of FREE DOME :)ThmbUp


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