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Classic Winnebago's and Vintage RV's General Policy:
CWVRV has always been, and shall remain, a "Family Friendly" group. This policy has been in place since the very beginning of CWVRV.
 As such, there are some general guidelines that are in place that members must adhere to when posting a topic, or replying to one.
The golden rule is "Don't post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother, or young child to see/read"... This includes profanity, vulgarity, obscene or crude jokes or images. Sexually suggestive comments, etc..."
The following topics are to be avoided: Race, Religion, Politics, Sexual Orientation, or any other topic of an inflammatory nature.  It is none of anyone's business here what color a member is, who they voted for, what kind of church (if any) they attend, or who (if anyone) they choose to sleep with. All members here are treated equally with respect, regardless of their beliefs or any other factor. All that's required is an interest in the preservation and restoration of these classic RV's. The reason we ask that members refrain from these topics is simple. They have nothing to do with Classic Winnebago's or Vintage RV's, and only end in hurt feelings, arguments, and chaos.
                                                                     Thank you for your cooperation in this matter
There are plenty of forums on the internet that cover these issues if you wish to discuss them.


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