OpBots Custom Fabrications' replacement windshield Visor Clips

Started by Stripe, October 01, 2013, 04:57 PM

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WowOP of OpBots sent me a pair of winshield visor replacement clips that he fabricated on a 3D printer based on specs given him from HandyDan who, like myself, is a proud owner of a Holiday Rambler Imperial (His is the Grandaddy of the Imperials, being significantly longer than mine) ;)

When I took the longer shakedown cruise of the 'Aluminum Goose' to the Olympic Forrest I remembered to bring the clips along to install them while at camp. 
The evening after arrival and initial setup of camp and decided to take a break with some Proper Cider(read Hard Cider) and take the time to install the clips.
Installation was pretty straight forward.  Remove the ones I had made out of clothes hanger and screw the new ones into place.  Easily said and done.  The old holes were a little off from the holes in the new clips but that really wasn't a problem because just like the original install all I had to do was just use the screw to make the new hole. HR never pre-drilled holes for a LOT of their screws. They still don't.

I at least should have made sure the holes in the new clips were big enough for the old screws because when I drilled them into the Cockpit Brow ceiling it cracked the outer edge of the clips.  This however did not affect the functionality of the clips in any way as the screw heads still have a darned good grip on the clips.
Here are a few pics...

Here is a shot of the completed install and the visor sitting in it.

And because of this shot I ended up dusting the rest of the RV..  :angel:

This is a shot of the small crack I mentioned.  You may have to click on the pic to enlarge it to see the crack.

All in all I am very satisfied with the clips.  They definitely look a lot better than the wire hanger ones.. :D

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