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What belt to get after removing 454 A.I.R. system?

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I want to bypass the A.I.R. on my 454, anyone else here do this? What belt did you substitute?

I wasnt able to find a shorter belt for mine....I didnt spend my life looking either!! But, we took the air pump off, gutted it, put back on and just use it as an idler. Works great

I used a Dayco 5060530. Any parts store should be able to cross it to whatever brand they sell.

Measuring for the new belt - And the magic number is 46 inches! At AutoZone that equates to a Duralast part number 15460.

Thanks for the Info.  Now I can go ahead with total removal. And that last bit about deleting the AC, I toyed with it a bit but decided (thanks ORAR) to look and see if I can do the same as you.  The only reason I had not removed the belt by now is because without the second belt, the PS doesn't work as well..



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