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Need Fuel Filter Housing for 85 Winnie Chevy 6.2L Diesel

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Greetings!  We are having many repairs done on our Winnie, & they said we need a new housing since ours is leaking fuel.  It had a broken clip when it went to the shop, but wasn't leaking.  Now they cannot seem to locate this replacement part for us.  Any ideas of where to get one?  They told us it wasn't an OEM & they are difficult to find original.
Thanks so much!  Hm?

here is a aftermarket one you can used

Thanks for the quick idea Madathlon, but our fuel filter is not round.  It's rectangular & is for diesel.
Kay   Hm?

That is a complete replacement for a diesel fuel filter set up and is a direct replacement for a Fuel Filter Housing GM Duramax 6.6L 2001-2010 COMPLETE w/Extras - NEW

That's is what you need.        You see this is a diesel engine

Thanks for all the info Madathlon!  We have passed it over to our repairman in hopes he can use it.  We are still waiting to hear back, but I wanted to thank you in the meantime.  I'll let you know as soon as we do. We r getting anxious to try her out on a road trip, but she wasn't reliable enough yet.  W%


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