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What is a Monomatic toilet/commode?

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 :-[ Hi just bought a 1970  22ft winni and am trying to get my head around all the systems the monomatic toilet is a mystery can anyone help
Cheers les

Is this what you are looking for?
If so then all the information you need is at this link.
I do not believe that was originally used by Winnebago.
PS: All I did was google "monomatic toilet"

Kinda funny, as I was just talking about these toilets to a guy at work today.

My 1970 came with one from the Winnebago factory, they were considered an optional upgrade.   

To quote the Winnebago manual (printed in 69)...

--- Quote ---Monomatic Toilets (Optional Equipment)

This operates on the principle of recirculating a chemical solution.  Thus, you are not using fresh water for flushing, and you are not adding water volume to the holding tank with each flush.  Do not be afraid to empty and change the solution often.


Flushing system operate by simply pressing the black button.  To aid flushing, first lay some tissue in the bowl - see instruction on inside of toilet seat lid.   The blue chemical solution washes the material into the bottom of the toilet.  This same solution is available for the next flushing, automatically.   The manufacturer claims the unit can be used for many flushes before being emptied.  When the color changes from blue to greenish, empty an change the chemical.


1. Remove plastic baseboard from toilet (This will expose a black valve handle)

2. Release springs from handle and pull handle toward you (this opens a valve which allows the waist material and chemical to drop into the holding tank).

3. About eight gallons of sewage are then put into the 30 gallon holding tank.  If only the toilet is being routed to the holding tank, you could put 3 "emptyings" into the holding tank and be using a fourth change in the monomatic before you would have to empty the holding tank.


1.  Push handle in, into the "closed" position.

2. Snap the springs back into position on both sides of the handle.

3. Add four gallons of water to the toilet

4. Add a package of the chemical powder to the water in the bowl as the water is flushing (instructions printed on back of chemical packet).  This will make a fresh solution and the unit can be used for another series of flushes.

--- End quote ---

You were suppose to get about 80 flushes on 4 gallons.   At the time I'm sure this was a great option, as holding tanks were small and usually not split up into black and gray tanks.   I never used mine, it was the first thing I replaced.

Thanks for your help I now know what iam dealing with
I live just outside London England and there's not that many classic winnibago's around here so I may ask some more funny questions soon
Cheers.  Les

Feel free to ask anything you need.  We all had to start somewhere.



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