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Photos too big for posts?

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I have tried to post pics on here twice and both times it tells me that the files are too large, I don't know if 's because I'm using a tablet ?

Far as I know the requirements for attachments are:

Attachments are limited to 4 per post.  Size is limited to 1000kb total, 250kb each.

Not sure about an attachment however gallery pics are limited:
You cannot upload photos which are larger than 1280 x 1280.  If you've taken hi-res pictures, you will have to re-size them before uploading.


As easy way to solve the pic issue is to open up each one in "Paint" and you can resize them there pretty easily.  Just don't forget to "re-save" the changes.

I upload all my pics to then just link them here


--- Quote ---  I upload all my pics to then just link them here
--- End quote ---

Diito here.  CW site automatically adjusts display size here for the external file but allows you to expand to full size if desired.

*******     1/1/2020 UPDATE!    ******
Photobucket is no longer free and is making any pics that were originally stored there unusable.  I am slowly rehosting the pics here with Marks blessing so they can be seen once again.  Just takes some time.


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