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Sent: 12/5/2001 1:42 PM

I have now lived full time in my 1978 Winnebago Brave 26 footer for over a year.  But, climate in San Diego is one thing, living full time in this rig in say, Idaho, which is an idea of mine, where there are real winters is a whle different story.
What I am looking for, please, is guidance on exactly what I should do to prepare my rig for full timer living in a winter environment.  For example, I think I'll probably have to do something with the piping underneath to protect from freezing.  Maybe I'll need to replace the water heater and/or furnace with units that are heavier duty and pump out more btu's (heat).  Etc.
I welcome, and in fact need you collective guidance on this topic, and look forward to the replies.
Thank you and God bless all of you, Jeff in San Diego

Sent: 12/5/2001 4:27 PM

Jeff, if you are staying at a place with hook-ups you certainly want to use a 1500 Watt space heater.  My experience is to use the main furnace to get the temperature up to 70 and  then the electric heater will keep it there.  Water heating was no problem.  I also used heat tape and pipe insulation on the water hoses leading in.  In very cold weather I left the water trickling a little but this is risky if your drain freezes up.
One question:  I am in Washington State watching the rain and dreaming of San Diego.  Why think of leaving such a place!  Spend the summers in Idaho.
Jim F.

Sent: 12/12/2001 12:02 PM

You will need to put some type of skirting around the entire perimeter of the rv in order to make a semi-insulated dead air space underneath. And I also recommend using the heated wire wrap on your pipes.  Good luck.  Mean Jean

Wow, I didnt know they made LED's to replace fluorescent tubes, can you tell me exactly how you wired those together and how you wired them to the fixture.


The ones he used look to be smaller than his fixtures so he custom wired them in.



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