New and Introduction & Dropping our Engine today.

Started by 73WinnieIndian, November 25, 2012, 07:11 PM

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I've found and prefer that old topics which are close in content are best to use when a question is relevent.  This helps to complete and expand on the original topic and makes info easier to find because it's concentrated rather than spread out over numerous posts.

It also makes it much easier when searching.  I know the frustration of trying to search for something and having to browse through page after page of lists of possible topics trying to decipher if the info you're looking for is there (just try finding someting on a computer support forum... I'd rather cut off my left leg).  That's also why I tweak the topic titles now and then as needed so members can scan the title and pretty much tell if it's what they're looking for.  It's all about making info easier to find for everyone now, and in the future.

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Quote from: Mark Sobyak on November 29, 2012, 08:49 PM
Enter the keywords, replace carb in the forum search.  Plenty of info there to chew on and, if you have any additional questions, just ask on one of those topics.

There's at least one topic specifically on 440 carb replacement suggestions.
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Mark - Do you want old threads with partial information resurrected to ask questions or new threads started?  I can find partial information on some stuff but it doesn't always exactly apply or flesh out the question that I have.  And some topics have been stagnant quite a while.  Thanks!

As far as the "attachments" go I keep a lot of photos on and they provide that http: address that it asks for.   You paste in the address they provide for each picture stored and it links the photobucket picture to your post.  Just another suggestion.


Ok! I'm sure Mark will correct me on this one but when you hit the reply look at the bottom of the box you'll see the words attachment and other options. Click on that. You'll then see a box with ( Attach:) over top of it and Browse on the end of it. Click on the browse and it will take you to were you saved your pictures. Once you found your pictures click on them and it should save them box. Make sure you re-size your picture to 500 X 375 or they'll be two big to post. Have fun, good luck and can't wait to see the pictures.


Thank you all so much. All this information is very helpful to us in this project. Way easier to follow with a list than trial and error.

Where would I upload photos? If I try to enter it here, it asks for an http address.

Right now it is a lot of running around. Dropping off parts, ordering parts, picking up parts, etc.

Head me in the right direction and I will post my photos. Thanks for all your help!


Enter the keywords, replace carb in the forum search.  Plenty of info there to chew on and, if you have any additional questions, just ask on one of those topics.

There's at least one topic specifically on 440 carb replacement suggestions.
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1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


My husband and a friend pulled everything out this past weekend. Radiator, engine, carb, etc.

Note to self...maker sure the door clears the eve of the house before jacking it up. It was only about an inch short, but we had to try and move it and we were able to close the door before it rained.

All the parts are in the garage and pool room.

Need to so some research on the carburetor I guess. If anyone has suggestions on the best new carburetor to buy, would love to hear opinions. Will look in the forum for any info.

Got a long list of to do's, but very excited.


Hey No laughing here. Just finished doing the heads on our 440 myself and I didn't know one end of a wrench from another. While nervous and unsure of what I was doing I like you had this group to fall back on and a good friend who owns his own machine shop to coach me. I had a blast......well after the job was done. It was a great experience and would encourage anyone here not to shy away from these projects. There not that bad and you will learn your rig inside out. Good luck,have fun and post lots of pictures. As far as posting pictures down size them 500X375 the site seems to like that size the best.


Okay, so we took pictures of the process today. TJ   We are doing the work with the help of a friend who re-builds engines for a living. He has the connections and has helped us re-build the engine in our 52 Chevy and our 72 El Camino (which was stolen right after the new engine was dropped in it.) Not even enough time to enjoy the sound of it.

So we really trust him and since we helped him out, he is helping us out.

First stop while everything is on the ground. I'm going to run the radiator in. We have a long to do list.

The inside is pretty much done. I can hear you all laughing right now. As done as it gets, we know this is an ongoing project.

Thanks for the welcome!

Okay, still trying to figure out a good way to put the pictures up here. 


Welcome to the forum!

Good luck on the engine rebuild and keep us posted. :)ThmbUp


Welcome to the best vintage RV forum on the planet!

Kev and Patti, the furry kids, our 1981 Ford F-100 Custom tow vehicle, and our 1995 Itasca Suncruiser Diesel Pusher.


WELL! Are you going to redo the 440 your self or have someone else do it for you. Lauren and I have been down that very same road, the only difference is ours was a 1975 with a 318. After it burnt to the ground we search for a year and ended up buying another 1975 21 footer out of Kansas with a 440 we love it. While it's open for discussion bottom line is there really isn't that much difference in gas milage between the 318 and the 440 but there is a big difference in performance and the 440 has the 318 beat hands down.Get her running good. Clean up the in side so it's live able and go  camping then as you can afford it do a little at a time and you'll have a ball. :)ThmbUp


Any suggestions while you have the 440 out?  Oh boy, I hear TJ coming a mile away....   :)rotflmao

Welcome aboard... lots of retro-hippies here...
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Hello, Debbie and Johnny here. We live in California and just picked up our 2nd 1973 D22 Indian. We had one years ago and well, it was requiring more fixing than fun and one bad trip led to it being sold. We broke down on the way home on a holiday weekend.

So, now we are back at it again.  We waited and watched craigslist and googled until we found one with no roof leaks. Near impossible to find and with the layout we loved from before. So we ended up getting the same year and model we had before.

Inside, the former owner did a lot of work and we are grateful for it.

Today we dropped the 440 out and this old Winnie is getting re-built. The inside is pretty good. Not super fancy or tricked out, but nice.
The engine doesn't look too bad actually for how old it is.

Right now it looks like a mess, but we are hoping to be enjoying it soon. 

Mind you our family things we are completely crazy and now they are calling us hippies. We don't care because we love this thing.

As soon as I figure this forum out a bit, I will post some pictures and we will keep a picture log of the process. 

1973 Winnebago, Indian, D22 with a 440.

So if  anyone has tips or suggestions while we have it apart.

Thanks for having us.

Debbie & Johnny