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Furnace Issue - Suburban NT-30 won't light

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I have a Suburban NT-30 furnace that is giving me fits.  Before coach went into storage, it worked.  Then I got a wasp's nest in the blower.  I cleaned that out and it now spins up fine - but won't light.
So, next I inspected and replaced the igniter (it was badly corroded).  I can hear it firing, but still no flame.
I next checked the gas valve.  I can both hear it opening and a test light shows that both magnets are getting power.
All I can think to do is tear out the plumbing and make sure it is clear - and perhaps check to see that the valve is actually opening.  Yes, there is gas and yes, the valve to the furnace is open :)
Does anyone else have any ideas?  Thanks!

I put mine on the bench and powered it up. It turned out to be the sail switch wasn't free, was hanging up a bit. I freed that and exercised the gas valves and she woks well now.

According to the information in the manual, the sail switch has to be working for the gas valve to be energized.  Therefore, I don't think that is the problem.  I am really stumped.  Hm?

My valves wouldn't pass air when blown into but a few cycles and they freed up. Blow by mouth or very low pressure.

I know a lot of guys that have valves that pass air,  usually at the most inconvenient time too. W%


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