Brake Buddy with Breakaway Switch

Started by ClydesdaleKevin, January 28, 2012, 11:30 AM

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Not a required item for towing a vehicle in most states if its a light vehicle, but definately a good thing to have.

We have an older model that uses a hits the brakes in the Jeep when the pendulum swings can set the sensitivity and air pressure to the vehicle, and Brake Buddy has a toll free number you can call to ask for the best settings for your needs.

Newer models use a computer controlled gyro to sense rapid changes in movement.

Either model works great, and with the breakaway switch, it sure gives you a lot of peace of mind!

The breakaway switch is a switch mounted to your car...with a cable running to your RV.  If the tow bar fails, the switch activates the brakes on the tow vehicle, stopping it from careening down the highway without you.

We got ours barely used on Craigslist for 275.00.  I usually see used ones for around 400 bucks, but if you see a good deal on one and plan on towing a vehicle, I highly recommend buying one.  New they are outrageously priced at around a thousand bucks!

They work great, give you peace of mind, and make the brakes on your RV last a LOT longer, since it actuates the brakes on the tow vehicle so your RV only has to stop itself.

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