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Author Topic: 2011 Camping Season (for us)  (Read 1872 times)

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2011 Camping Season (for us)
« on: September 19, 2011, 12:26 PM »
This year hasn't been real great for us, as far as camping is concerned.  Our first real trip was in April.  Mother had a celebration for her 90th birthday near the end of April.  We Told her nothing about our coming, and just hooked up the Alfabago and made the trip.  That one was a bit harrowing at times, too.

Due to the time of year, I decided to go through Colorado.  BAD mistake!  Snow, more snow, and pulling 10-ton Tillie up the mountain sides (at about 5 mph) was extremely difficult.

Then there was the blizzard in western Kansas.  We stopped in Goodland, and, the next a.m., thought we might not travel any further the next day, but, eventually, the freeway was reopened, and we made it to Salina that day.

The next day was when the wheel came off the trailer.  (Details in another post.)  Left the trailer in Abilene, and made it to Missouri the evening before the celebration.

Picked up the trailer on the way back to Utah.  Then, in late June, She Who Must Be Obeyed said we were coming back to Missouri, and we weren't leaving again until we had a house.  Total shock!  She had always disparaged this area.  Didn't like it much.

But,  in July, hooked up the trailer, and we came.

We ended up with the house in about the middle of July.  Then it was back to Utah (without the trailer this time).  The trailer was left at the local hotel/inn/bed and breakfast that is owned by some friends of ours.

SWMBO started setting up things for moving all our junk.  Then decided what she didn't want to move.  During this, the owner of the house said we had to be back by a specific date in July to sign the closing papers.  TOTAL RUSH TIME!

We got back in time, but the guy is slower than molasses rolling uphill in January, so we didn't actually have to sign anything until the end of August.  But, we'd moved in by then. (Sans our stuff from Utah.)

I moved the Alfabago to our home.  It has been sitting there ever since, because there is so much that needs doing, we haven't had time to actually go camping anywhere.


Every evening, without fail, I'm in the trailer from about 6 to 9.  (Give or take.)  I have a TV there.  The females watch the network junk, and I go fire up my Roku (a wireless streaming internet device) and watch a few news programs, maybe an old movie, and just kick back.

So, I may not be taking the old girl out, but she's still being used.

Come next year, though...
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