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12VDC Converter and Distribution Upgrade

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The Progressive Dynamics converters originally supplied in early RVs either had no battery charging capability
or it was limited to only 3 to 6 amps.  This can take days to recharge a deep cycle battery.  Additionally,
the charger boards fail and result in overcharging the batteries.  The solution is to migrate to a more
modern Converter/Charger with 3 stage battery carging capability.  This type of charger does not use the
transfer relay present in the original distribution boxes.  Additionally, they work like the engine alternator
in that any amperage capability not being used by the house loads is available for battery charging.  I
purchased a 60 amp converter/Charger so if I am only using 10 amps for house loads, that leaves 50 amps
avialable for battery charging.  Of course the 3 stage program only uses the amount it needs for a given
program cycle within the limits of what the battery bank can accept.

Original Progressive Dynamics Power Center with integrated Converter

Replacement progressive dynamics PD-5000 AC/DC Distribution Panel and 60 AMP Converter with 3 Stage Charger
(EBAY find - Used Panel from a wrecked RV that included Circuit breakers and ATC fuses. New Panels do not include Circuit Breakers and fuses)

Interior view of PD-5000 AC/DC Distribution Panel

Rear view of PD-5000 AC/DC Distribution Panel

Rear section (converter) of original distribution panel looking down from top

Rear section (converter) of original distribution panel looking from side

Each side of original distribution panel

DC side of original distribution panel with plugs disconnected
(The red wire splice was was a repair I made several years ago do to bad connections shown in the next picture)

DC distribution plugs
(Note the burnt pins which is not an uncommon problem in older RVs.)

DC connection diagram printed on rear of old converter

AC wiring of new PD-5000 distribution panel
Supply Breaker 30 Amp (Did not exist in original panel)
Converter  15 Amp
House Recepticles 15 Amp (Original panel had the converter combined with this)
Air Conditioner 20 Amp
Water Heater 15 Amp (adding; Propane/Electric Upgrade)
Microwave 15 Amp (adding)

Top rear of new PD-5000 Distribution Panel.
(Much thinner than original.  Unfortunantly I had to splice in a new 8 inch section of cable for the 30amp supply cable [10 gauge])

PD-9260 Converter/Charger on new shelf above/behind Distribution Panel

(Acquired several of these of EBAY on the cheap.  Unfortunantly they are to tall to allow the cover to be installed.  Will migrate to the Low Profile versions shown below.)

Low profile 15 amp atc fuse manual reset circuit breakers

Getting Ready for 2012 Race Season!
Some other things I am working on (NASCAR All-Star Race at Lowes Motor Speedway May 21

New pretty flashy gauges [plus A/F meter]
Install dual exhaust crossover with Wideband A/F sensor (Done)
Propane/Electric Water Heater (Done)
King Pins (Done)


Great post.  Now what are you doing with the original converter?

It's sitting in my garage.  Weighs aboiut 40lbs do to the big transformer.  Either I will give it away or use it as a bench top power supply.  Of course thats what they make dead PC's for to (have 2 of them)!   I am not positive the charger board is is working.  Progressive Dynamics still lists the charger board ($45).  I had to tune the transfer relay (spring tension & file the contacts) when I first bought the rig in 2004.  Relay and converter was working fine when I converted the system just this last weekend.  I just wanted the improved battery charging capability (via generator at NASCAR race; 3 stage up to 60 amps) plus the increased AC/DC circuit abilities (not to mention the DC circuit breakers).


I'm in need of one for my Airstream, just to convert shore power to the 12V accessories so the charger wouldn't be an issue.  It's just like the unit in my Minnie so I'll have something to go by if you want to part with it. 

I will have to get the thing weighed and see what the shipping costs are.



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