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THANK YOU to our long time Members!

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On behalf of all of us at CWVRV, we'd like to extend our thanks and recognition to our long-time members for their continuing willingness to share knowledge, experiences, support and enthusiasm to our classic RVing group.  This dedication and enthusiasm has been the engine which keeps us able to provide the vital support needed to serve everyone in our vintage RV community.


In addition, I'd like to extend a sincere thanks to all members who've contributed manuals and tech info to share, our Full and Life Members for their financial support, and particularly to Tina Paul, Dave Bailey, and Joan Fennel who've contributed as much "behind the scenes" as they have on the message boards!

Question, since I lose track of the years.  Are these years spanning back to the advent of the club when it was still on MSN, or do the dates start with the exodus from MSN?


These dates go back to our time on MSN.  When we were forced out, I took "snips" of the member register I created of all active members at the time.  When old timers re-joined here, I used that as the reference for their joined date.

Elandan2 - Rick & Tracy Ellerbeck


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