Duo Therm 61 series A/C info

Started by RV Mech Tech, January 22, 2011, 06:28 PM

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RV Mech Tech

Does anyone have or know where I can get any info or a service manual for  the Duo Therm 60 & 61 series roof mount RV A/C unit?  its from 1988 - this is the one with the solid state touch-pad control system - thank you !



RV Mech Tech

Dave- thanks very much for your reply and links- I have all of this info since these are newer A/C systems with these control/keypads that are still in use today - this is a 1988  A/C unit I am working on and I have the electrical schematics for it but they show everything but the low voltage control side of the unit and this includes a different type of older keypad that goes to the central control module - the A/C part of it works so the control section is defective and it is solid state - if you come up with anything else let me know it would be appreciated and if I do find anything I will submit it for the resource library - thanks again !


Maybe I am missing something but the only thing that I can detect is that the only thing related to a 60 or 61 series Dometic (Duo-Therm) unit is the Pequin Series.
Dometic uses a base AC unit (Compressor, blower, etc.) with several optional interior setups (Air box, ducted, etc.).  You have to know what base unit number and/or product number plus the optional kit number.  The 12VDC side information is all contained in the optional manuals.   They only show 110VAC information in the root base unit documentation..
I know where to look up parts and can typically locate a whole lot of stuff on the net but you have to know what all the P/N's are to start with.
Penguin 13500 base where 600315 (Analog), 620415/620425 (Analog) and 620515/620525 (Electronic) base.  Still need to know what the rest of the set up was (ducted, Air box, local controls, with control center, etc.)

To me at least, it looks like a case of more info needed.


RV Mech Tech

Dave- thanks for your reply - this is a Duo-Therm 61 series Penguin  13500  - 61 series Solid State Model with ' Touch Control Pad '   - 610015.001,  13,500 BTU with 'Shur Start'  ( the 60 series is the 11,000 BTU unit with the same controls)  -  as I have mentioned I have the 110 v electrical schematic but it's the 12 vdc info in the optional manuals that I am after - the A/C unit itself works o.k. as I have bypassed the controls and checked the operation of all the parts  so the problem is in the control circuit and I was trying to get a hold of the 12 v info for this - I have all the info for the current   late model  A/C units and controls  but not for that specific control module and keypad I will post more info when I have a chance to get at it again as I have to travel a distance to get to the coach - if you could come up with something it would be much appreciated - this is a rooftop A/C on a 1988 class A coach- thanks again!    :)ThmbUp


Good evening Sir,
Im not sure if you are still on this forum but I have the same dou therm 610015 AC unit with the touch led pad control,I have no 12 v power to the pad but I did find the 12 volt pins on the wire strip.Hooked a 12 volt to it and the led pad lights up.Does the 12 volt power from the Battery go thru the control panel on top or direct to the touch pad? Did you find where the issue was on your touch pad? How did you hook up a bypass for it to work.PS I did put power to the upper unit panel and the motor and compressor works, Thanks for any help. Ozzy