What is the Chassis brand of an 85 Itasca Phasar?

Started by safeman, July 06, 2010, 07:02 PM

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Hey everyone, I think this is the forum for me! Rolling old school.
I just acquired a 1985 Itasca Phasar and I am wondering what chassis this rv is built upon. Is it exclusive to Winnebago? I would like to know so I can possibly order generic parts. I would like to have more than one source for parts such as brakes, calipers, struts, etc.
Thanks for any help. I look forward to chatting with ya'll.


Unfortunately, the Phasar is the same as a LeSharo.  It's just got the name of the Itasca line on it, whereas LeSharo has Winnebago.  It's a French chassis (Renault) and was a short-lived, ill-fated venture.
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Do you have the diesel version or the optional 2.2 liter gas version?



Here is a good topic to follow, since it involves the same vehicle, only with the LeSharo name.  RV Mech Tech provided some very vital info in the latter posts.

1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


I see a lot of Phasars and Rialtas in the RV junkyards I frequent, and I was wondering why all these fiberglass bodied little beauties in almost perfect condition were in the junkyard...now I know!

They are neat little RVs though.  If you got one for free or on the supercheap, then I would say that if you are up for the challenge, convert the drivetrain over to something you can find parts for.  Mark mentioned in another post that several Rialta owners have converted the drivetrain over to front wheel drive Chevy with a V-6. 

Sounds like a cool idea if you can get the rig cheaply.

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It has a 2.2L 4 cyl. front wheel drive.  I did find one rv company that says they stock all the renault parts but I was hoping to expand my source options for generic chassis parts.  As to whether or not the Itasca was a good rv, well, I figure if I spend 2k or up to 5k on remodeling this thing,it is still cheaper than buying a new or slightly used rv. Surely I will come out ahead. I hope so anyway.


BTW, it does run. I dropped a battery in and it cranked right up. Need to replace undercarriage parts because of rust and age, and the interior is just plain old and dried out. The exhaust needs replacement and I will need to fix a leak in the power steering reservoir. The transmission needs service as it will only move forward.  I bought the  complete 2 volume service manual and I am going to do the undercarriage first(brakes,calipers, bearings, bushings) and then proceed to the exhaust and then under the hood. Transmission repairs will be last. After I complete these mechanical repairs then I am going to tackle the remodeling. I plan to do as much as I safely can myself.
Oh yeah, I paid $275.00 out of pocket and $225.00 in trade for services, so I have plenty of room to spend a little money on this. project.


The Winnebago Itasca Lesharo and Phasar were built on the Renault Trafic I truck chassis and fitted with either a Bosch L-Jetronic FI (from '85 -mid '89) or Bendix FI units (mid-'89 until end).  The Bosch units are a bit easier to get parts for as some are shared with Renault's imports: R18i, Fuego, Alliance, and Eagle Medallion, and handful of other European cars of the period. It came with either a diesel or 2.2 L gasoline powered engine and the ML1-006 transmission. The gasoline version shared an oil pan with the Peugeot 505 of the same vintage. Parts are readily available in Europe for the Trafic I and the Lesharo people in Montana have a good stock of parts as well.  Hoses are possibly the most difficult pieces to get.  Eng/Trans Conversions are popular with some Lesharo/Phasar owners.  Walker supplies some exhaust parts and Bosal, others. It doesn't use an OBD fault code reader, so diagnosis is a bit tricky.  There are some knowledgeable people in the Lesharo Club on FB that can help. 


Hi I was wondering where that junkyard is and do you know if they sell parts. Cause I'm in ny and it's hard finding them here.


6 year old topic. Not likely you'll get answer on this one.
1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca


Well don't know if it helps but:


If they can't help you should go searching in France. But better have your french in tiptop condition cause 99% of the french over 30 years old speak french only.