Now I Get To Start Over! Remodeling our 1976 Alfa Travel Trailer

Started by OldEdBrady, October 01, 2009, 07:24 PM

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This coming weekend is supposed to be half way decent.  (We'll see.)  If so, I hope to get started on the roof Friday.  Clean it up and let it dry out.  Stuff like that.  And, if THAT works, maybe start the repair on Saturday.

Of course, with my luck, either the weather will be lousy, or the wife will "have plans."   :(


FYI... Ed was not one of the co-authors of, "The Power of Positive Thinking".
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OK.  I'm POSITIVE something will screw up the entire thing.

That better?  It's a positive thought.   W%


Unfortunately, the thing needs a heckuva lot more than caulk.  I know what I need to use, but I have to cover bare metal down the entire length of the trailer.

Believe me, I'm at my supplier's place so often, some of them are convinced I either work there, or I'm some kinda company spy sent to check on them.


Dryest May in years,june has brought much rain all around but not right here.  30% chance of severe thonderstorms today-not gonna happen here,either east or southwest,I'll bet.  Texas sure has wierd weather!!!  Ed


As if the weather report wasn't enough...

SWMBO has DECREED that we will make our maiden voyage this weekend.  Rain, no rain, whatever.  In fact, she has made reservations with the local campground for the ENTIRE summer!

Well, that ain't gonna work.  I still have my plans for July, and that is that (I hope)).



Taking her out isn't a problem.  Bringing her back and putting her in the driveway...


itll be alright ed..just pretend its lil darln but bigger and you should be fine...if not..put her in the front yard and go out the door to camp..then call and well be down and ill help you put her back...
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we made it to the campground without me hitting anything, losing the trailer, or running anyone off the road.  That's progress, I suppose.


Relaxing.  I'm not used to that much trailer on the rear, but it wasn't bad.  And the setup was LOTS faster than with the Calypso.  No winding up the top, pulling out the beds, setting up the tenting.  Yep.  Lots faster and easier.


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SWMBO has decided that, this coming weekend, we are going to Idaho.  Now I'm supposed to haul a 27-foot trailer--WHICH NEEDS THE ROOF FIXED--for a single night in another state.   This is starting to get silly.


SWMBO has already said that the Alfamust be named.  I leave it up to her on those things.  It's safer that way,   W%

And, the news this a.m. is that the weather is going to be lousy this weekend.  Figures.


With all the rain we encountered this weekend, I've fond there are STILL small leaks at the front driver's side and over the fridge area.  Gotta get those fixed.

STILL heed to recover the roof.  Maybe I'll get that done this week sometime--but I wouldn't bet on it.


I also learned (the hard way, naturally) that the air bags on the truck work when the psi is 70-75.  NOT somewhere around 50.

Just a thought for anyone else who may have those things installed.


The PO's wife came by today, and SWMBO took her out to the Alfa.  It appears I may have done something right, after all.  She liked the new look.

The remodeled bedroom was a total hit, as wel as the blue carpet.  It lightens the whole place up considerably.


The carpet part was a no-brainer.  What was in there might have beeen the original.  The color was indeterminate.  It was pieced in in quite a few places.  So, almost ANYTHING was better.  And, laying it in as a single piece (except that one corner) made a heckuva difference.  No edges to come up and stumble over--which was the situation with what had been in there.

As for the bedroom, from holes in the walls to complete coverage?  I coulda used newspapers for coverage and it would have been an improvement.


Hmmm. News paper for wall paper now thats an idea Would work well in a bathroom You would always have something to read !  Frank
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This weekend was supposed to be for the "great roof project."  The campgound we normally use was booked solid.  (No room at the inn.)  Yesterday, someone called and they've had some cancellations, and the spot SWMBO thinks of as
"ours" is free. 

So much for the roof.   :(


Yesterday, SWMBO finally admitted the actual cost of the Alfa.  Fortunately, paramedics were not required.  But close.

Now I don't wanna know!   :(


(and the spot SWMBO thinks of as "ours" is free.) 

Free....   The price is right.....    W%
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My truck has a stabilizer on the front axle, and air bags on the rear axle.  This coming weekend, someone is coming to help me add a stabilizer to the trailer.  Just a small welding job, really.

And, this past weekend, the rear wheel on the right started trying to freeze up.  I was able to get it rolling again, and he's gonna help me with that.

Strangest part?  I only see this guy once a week for maybe 10-15 minutes for the last couple of months.  But he volunteered this past Monday.

I don't know whether he has an RV, likes camping, nor anything else.  But I intend to find out, and, if he's interested, get him in this group.  One of the things he is/wasinvolved in is auto/car mechanics, so he may have some tips for someone in need.


I think I'm getting too old for this.  Only one problem resolved today.

Jacked up the passenger side of the trailer and set her on stands.  Pulled the rear wheel.  Pieces fell out.  No wonder the thing locked up!

Spent hours taking it apart, looking for replacements, and then putting the new stuff in.

The bearings were good, at least.

So, of course, the other wheels needed to be checked.  Only the one was a problem.

By the time I finished, Aurthur Itus had come by, and had been "observing" for about 3 hours.  But I had to ignore him to finish the job.

But I still wasn't done.

The vent in the bathroom had broken.  No help for it but to replace it.  So I did.  In case, you didn't know, those things are held down with 24 screws.  So, 48 screws later (24 out, 24 in) that was done.  By that time, I could hardly move.
I started this past about 15-20 minutes ago.  It's hard to type when your hands hurt.

But, I'll get over it.  I always do.


When I started all this, I had to replace some of the lighting.  Most of it was of the el cheapo variety.  The other evening, I was looking at one of my catalogs, and saw some really fancy stuff.

However, the prices were horrendous!  I thought about it (which, as some of you know, can be a dangerous thing to do) and figured I could do it cheaper.

So, off I went today to my supplier.  Found a nice ceiling light.  For 120V, of course.  However, the light I wanted to experiment with was 12V.  In addition, the existing fixture had its own on/off switch.  The one I found didn't.

Did that stop me?  Get real!

First of all, it took me forever to get the thing mounted.  I must have put parts up and taken them down about 12 (or more) times, trying to get everything where it belonged.

But, I never claimed to be smart, so I kept at it

I wired the 110 stuff to the 12V wiring.  I went to the local car parts store and got a switch, drilled a small hole in the base of the light, and mounted it.  Ran the black wire to that switch, white wiring straight through, and got it all mounted.  AND IT WORKS!  Picked up some 12V bulbs at the local RV parts dealer.  Works just fine.