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Started by Oz, June 30, 2012, 11:53 PM

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From the "Livability" series.  A collection of very short articles submitted by RVers covering hundreds of how-tos, tips and tricks to help you improve your Rving experience and cure those annoying, common problems...  easy and cheaply.  You won't believe how many of these innovative ideas you'll want to use!

Download from our server, save it on your computer and read at your leisure.  You'll have a list of cool projects for your RV in no time!
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In addition, Full & Life Members can also access the Manuals, Diagrams & Tech Info which includes a list of downloadable articles which cover such critical "must knows" such as:

  • Selecting Test & Tune-up Equipment  What to look for and what to avoid when buying tune-up & test equipment.

  • Battery Charger/Discharged Battery Basics   Basic information of what causes a discharged battery, if it can be restored, and basic battery charger operation.

  • Battery & Starter Testing  Using the Battery/Starter Tester to check the battery and starter systems. This may identify problems which may otherwise gone undiscovered

  • Battery Testing: Electrolyte Charge Level  Battery basics. Using a Hydrometer to test the electrolyte condition.

  • Battery Troubleshooting Tree   Trouble shooting tree to determine if your dead or dying battery is the problem, or if there is a drain somewhere else.

  • Charging System Test  Using an AGR Tester for a complete Charging system tests: alternator & DC generator systems, voltage regulator, distributor voltage loss & ignition system.

  • Compression Testing  Compression testers, how to use, how to read, what they will tell you about the condition of your engine.

  • Coolant/Anti-freeze Testing  Using a Hydrometer to test the condition of your coolant/antifreeze.

  • Cooling System Pressure Test  How a cooling system works, why it's pressurized, testing for leaks and possible causes.

  • Electronic Ignition Servicing  Electronic Ignition Servicing for early Dodge EI systems.

  • Chrysler Electronic Ignition System (CWVRV Post)  Description and troubleshooting the Chrysler Electronic Ignition System.

  • Point Ignition Testing  How to use a dwell tachometer and tests to perform on points distributor ignition systems.

  • Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting: '73-'75  How to track down and cure those common fuel gauge problems
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Thanks Mark for this little gem!  Teresa was going to have me print it off.  I told her, "Woman, that's why I put a computer in the RV; so you could play your games and I could store things."  She says, "We have a computer in the RV?"  I said, "Yes, it's been there for over 6 months.  I know it has clothes over it whilst we are cleaning but, its there..."  I have  it plugged into the shore line now.  How long before I should know if a fridge is goosed or not, Mark?

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I love this place.  RV Fridge should be close to final temp in 3-4 hours max 6.



1969 D22, 2 x 1974 D24 Indians, 1977 27' Itasca