RainX, Don't Drive Without It!

Started by Oz, August 11, 2009, 03:14 PM

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RainX has been around for over decades.  My first encounter with it was back in 1987 while driving with a business associate in his vintage Volvo 240D, heading into Quakertown, PA...

Traveling south on RT 309, we could literally see the edge of an enormous storm heading toward us up the highway.  As we were about to enter the coming onslaught, I turned my head in disbelief of my friend... he wasn't turning on the windshield wipers!  ???

We hit the rain torrent like a brick wall.  I clapped my hands over my eyes, now aware that this associate of mine, a total stranger to me just 2 weeks earlier, had a secret deathwish, and that deathwish must've included me.

After about a minute of driving through the roar of the rain on the roof and what sounded like the angry ocean parting across our bow, I ventured a peek.

I couldn't believe my eyes!  He still hadn't turned on the winshield wipers, but the rain was literally flying right off the windshield as we sped down the highway at 65mph, all other traffic having pulled-over to the side!  "Tim" looked at me for a moment, smiled and said, "RainX... great stuff."

I've used it ever since.

For the longest time, it was only available in a small, yellow bottle with a black, flick-up, squeeze spout, which is still available now.  You apply it to your windshield in the shade... never in the sun or on a hot windshield (you'll be wiping for an hour if you do).  Just squirt some on and quickly wipe it around with a dry rag.  In a couple minutes, it'll dry to a light, translucent film.  Wipe it off with another dry rag.

This coat will repel water for about 1 - 2 months!  The water just turns to beads and the wind rushing over the windshield literally blows it off.  This starts to happen at about 40mph.  Of course, you still want to use your wipers.  But, honestly, if they didn't work, you could drive and safely see as long as you're going over 40mph.  I know, I drove 50 miles that way.  Thankfully, I had kept-up with my regular RainX applications!

Today, RainX is also available as a windshield washer fluid too!  This is very convenient since you don't have to apply it manually at all.  And, it works about 75% as good as the concentrated liquid.   I add about one ounce of the concentrate to the 1 gallon RainX washer fluid and that makes it almost 100% as effective.

A nice side-benefit:  Since RainX creates a micro-barrier over your windshield surface, you'll notice your wiper blades last around 4 months longer too.

One caution.  This is especially noticeable while driving in the dark.  If it's foggy or there is a very light drizzle, you won't notice the moisture building up on your windshield and it will take some time before they become visible beads.  Then, the first time the headlights of an on-coming vehicle hit your car, you're going to want to slam on your brakes because it's like your looking through a frosted Christmas ball!  DON'T PANIC!  Immediately turn-on your wipers and it will be cleared on the first swipe.

I give RainX the top rating any product could possibly receive.  It's completely eliminated the "white-knuckle" rain driving experiences... especially in a flat windshield Winnebago!

... oh yes, they also make wiper blades too!

:)clap :)clap :)clap :)clap :)clap

(Or... just use onion juice.  Works just as well and it also keeps mosquitos from biting your windshield - According to Bill Arberg!)
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I can also attest to the value of this product because i got caught on i-95 in central ga once with no wipers. I had applied rain-x prior to departure that day because i new i had no wipers and mid summer down south you just never know when the sky's gonna open up on ya. Well the rain came at me hard and heavy for about 20 miles. My chase car driver called to tell me  he was pulling over due to loss of vision  and would meet me on the side when it let up. Well i kept the hammer down and didn't pull over til the next rest stop. That stuff is simply amazing!


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I've used it for years, aI rarely use my wipersnd I too can attest that it absolutely works... The harder it rains, the better you can see. It also makes bugs not stick to the windshield as bad too.
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 :)ThmbUp You Betcha Guys.........RainX was my Godsend when my wipers failed on my 85 Elandan 32. Wiper parts on a Class A  are specific to the RV Manufacturer and more problematic to replace as opposed to Class C  units where wiper parts are specific to the Chassis Manufacturer.

I drove the unit without wipers from east coast to west coast and RainX pulled me through it.


RainX, best stuff I ever used..

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I use to be a over the road trucker and used rain x and like everyone else has stated it worked great but I never got 2 months between applications normally about 2 weeks so I guess miles play a part in how long it last. I would reapply when washing the windshield and the water no longer beaded up.


Pokin' in here because this stuff IS great!!!

Have used it for years, but was surprised that many had never tried it!!

I'd sometimes quietly put it on HALF of someone's windshield. They often never noticed,... till a passenger would ask for the wipers 'cause THEY couldn't see. Glancing across the dash, the difference was shocking!!!! Of course I would usually do the whole windshield the next time, but it gave them an opportunity to really see the difference!!! And it is VERY significant!!! Especially in heavy downpours like those often experienced in the Southern or Costal states. And frosty northern windshields are MUCH easier to handle with Rain-X.

You'll find your wipers will last longer 'cause you'll use them less without compromising safety. Wiper blades also won't stick so bad during long periods of disuse during hot dry weather, prolonging their life, AND bugs and dirt will clean easier!!! Now if you clean your windshield often, hit the carwash a lot, or use the windshield washer often, then you'll have to reapply more frequently. But generally it lasts a very long time.

This year,... I applied some to the satellite dish of my daughter's home for the winter season. Yup!!! A better signal because of much less snow and ice buildup, and it sheds snow and ice a lot quicker with jus a little tiny bit of sunshine on a cold day!!! That means fewer dangerous trips on the snowy roof top!!!

Oh,... and you know those beautiful clear glass scummy shower doors in the bathroom??? You'll be cleaning 'em less with Rain-X. Same with those sliding glass doors to the patio,.... the ones that get splatter across the bottom??? Not so good for etched or textured glass, and don't use on plexiglass or plastic. Works great for my glass riding-goggles, but I ruined a helmet shield once,... they're plastic and it fogged. So it's probably not good for motorcycle windshields either.

But I always got some in the glovebox with the tire gauge!!! One of those things where a little goes a long ways and more IS NOT better!
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Yep! Got my vote. L.J. and I use it all the time. Wouldn't leave home without it.