A Great Black Water Tank Additive & Cleaner

Started by Cooneytoones, June 09, 2009, 01:58 PM

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Sent: 4/7/2007

Last year, I used this great stuff in both my gray and black water tanks, accidentally, threw out the package before I could buy some more. Of course, I could not remember the name....finally saw the person who recommended it to me...(he swears by it) ... And I want to say, It is, "the greatest thing since sliced bread." It will eliminate all odors and actually helps clean the tank....far better than any enzyme, which I used to use...it's 100% environmentally safe and septic tank safe......a super product.... a great price. I used the packets that you just drop in the tank through the toilet one every seven days......It is made by, the Winston Company. It's called "OXY-KEM".....Try it....You'll Like it. Especially you folks that are using any product with formaldehyde or other caustic chemicals.

This Product will also help in keeping free dump stations open...due to the fact that some people (not any CW Members) are still using chemicals that are not safe for septic systems. Once a system get trashed from harsh chemical use, the owners or the states shut them down....repairs are too expensive.

So, before free dump stations become as outdated as some of the repair parts on our rigs, lets get the word out to stop using caustic chemicals in black water tanks....

OK Tom, I climb down now, here's your soap box back...

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