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Started by InZane, November 07, 2008, 05:45 PM

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$136 is cheap!!!    I'm paying $157 a year with State Farm.   
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Yup posting to an old thread but I've a new company to add to the list for those referencing it.  :D

$144 Annual with $500 deductible
Foremost Insurance

Have a Fulltimer policy with perks from their Stationary Travel Trailer Program. Have good comprehensive coverage on my 1972 rig plus a bunch of other things more typical of a homeowner's policy then auto. Liability, comprehensive coverage (for the trailer and attached accessories), emergency expenses, personal property, etc. My premium could have been lower but I bumped it up a bit by doubling the standard coverage for personal property. I love the fact flood and earthquake damage is covered since I'm in an area of California thats prone to both.

They allow you to pay on a schedule that works with you be it annual/semiannual/quarterly/monthly... Though there is a 4$ charge per billing period which really isn't much for being able to fit it snuggly into a tight budget.

They have some nice stuff for motorhomes and 5th wheels too.  :)

I found Foremost on a suggestion from an agent at a 800 number for another company. She couldn't directly tell me about it but did grant me some keywords for google.  Hm? This was at the end of my 6th phone-call with previously mentioned companies who couldn't cover my trailer due to its age and/or the fact I don't own a tow-vehicle. For all the hassle it took to find a company, I'm thrilled with the one I have. I got access to more options than the other policies I looked into offered and was able to tailor my policy to fit my situation. :)ThmbUp

And yes I did say I have a comprehensive policy that includes earthquake coverage in California for only 12$-16$ a month (depending on how many billing periods ya pick).  W%


Excellent share - Thanks!
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Update to an old thread...

When we got our Beach-Craft we called our vehicle insurer, 21st Century, and found they don't insure RVs.

But they did refer us to their partner Foremost Insurance Company, and we are paying $130/yr, after an $11 multi-policy discount (for the vehicles insured with 21st Century).

This provides annual coverage at 100/300/100 Liability, $5k Medical, and 100/300 Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury.

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Just got a quote from AmFam, our normal insurance carrier.  $196/yr full coverage w/$500 deductible.  100/300/100 .  That probably includes multi-car and homeowners discounts.


I've got Geico for $133.80 a year with 100/300/100 Liability
and a 50/100 uninsured motorist

probably multi car discount, have two cars at geico. No miles limit per year. Just days, I settled for 90 days on the road.


Hi all,
I am brand new to Vintage RVing. I am in Ontario Canada and just secured insurance (for a temporary permit while I do some Reno work). I don't know the differences between American and Canadian insurance plans BUT my quote was substantially higher. It was added to my plan with my 2011 Silverado but it is more than I would've guessed for a part time vehicle. $699/annual and that is basic 1 million liability. I will definitely shop around in the weeks to come but was interested in any feedback.......??  Thx


Just thought I would chime in with my rates. At the moment, I am paying what amounts to $156 a year through State Farm. As horrible as it sounds, I am not sure what the actual dollar amount is on that policy (Arkansas has no minimums that I am aware of). I may have to give them a call Monday and find out.


Reply to "simple"
Are you looking for comparisons to various Canadian insurance plans and prices?
There is a forum here that is quite extensive re US carriers and prices and coverage should that be your question, search "Insurance".
If your query is re Canadian costs, I will give you mine, but bear in mind I do have to use our provincial (ICBC) plan.
You did say 1M$ liability - possibly reconsider. Few "Lawyers" would even deign to consider you for such a paltry amount.
I have 5M$ liability, recommended by a "Lawyer".
I place "Lawyer" in quotations as I agree with Shakespeare - paraphrased -

"First thing we do is kill all the lawyers"

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Just bought and insured our 1988 Chieftain 22, added to policy with MetLife , $384 / year full coverage $1000 deductible on collision and comp, full glass with no deductible, have to check on towing. Seems pretty reasonable, 100/300/100 also have 2 other cars and Umbrella but that is another story. Bob

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I pay 60 dollars a month now.   It is for my 2002 RV.   I have full coverage with a 250 deductable.  I also have full glass coverage with no deductable.  If it gets totalled out...they will pay me what I paid for it...35,000.   I have the roadside assistance and once had to have it towed from the Poconos to home.   I paid 500 dollars for the tow and then submitted it and was reimbursed the full 500 dollars.  I got my insurance out of Scottsdale, AZ beginning in 2000 and have been with them ever since.  They only insure RV's and it is through Progressive.   


I've got national general through good sam and I'm not happy, have a open claim and they tell me everything is wear and tear and they cover nothing.

stay away from them, they may be good for new Rvs but don't like the old ones.