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Sent: 2/6/2001

I have and RV but I can't my company won't cover my 3 cars and my car company won't cover my RV!  Anyone have an insurance company that covers both and how much do you pay?



Sent: 2/7/2001 8:22 PM

I have eight vehicles on my insurance policy but only insure two at a time, depending on what I'm driving and where I intend to go.  As most of my vehicles are older models, I retain liability insurance only.  I'm not sure if this makes much of a difference for covering motorhomes but I just insured my 1970 Winnebago and my rates did not change at all.  I have GMAC insurance and you may want to check with them.

Sent: 2/10/2001 10:39 PM

My circumstances are much the same as johnnie.  Have my 72 Brave covered for liability only and have joined Good Sam and gone with GMAC.  They gave me the unlimited towing also and I got what I thought was a heck of a deal.  May change my other vehicles over to it.  They were a couple hundred under my other ins.  must admit that I didn't shop around much but think I got a good deal (haven't had the misfortune to use it yet!)

Sent: 2/18/2001 3:01 PM

We got our Winnie insurance through Camping World and then added our car to the policy.  The Winnie and the car now total less than the car alone with my previous insurance.
Check out Camping World RV Insurance.

Rick Shaw:
Sent: 4/30/2003 5:34 PM

The best deal I have come across for insurance is  GMAC.   They have a website - Camping World RV and Car Insurance - Specializing in Low Cost RV and Auto Insurance .
Hope this helps you.


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