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RVs built on John Deere Chassis?

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Does anyone know what other vehicles used the John Deere chassis besides Winnebago. I need to know when I go ask for parts what to tell the people. No one seems to have a clue about these chassis and its getting annoying trying to tell them every time that it IS in fact a motorhome on a John Deere chassis with a Ford 460 engine. Its like no one believes me!! >:( >:(

Well, I know nothing about John Deere chassis but,try to find out ANYTHING about a '78 Midas motorhome.  Good luck and keep us informed.  Ed

mmmm  i did some long looking on the net seems the pace arrow rv,s are a john deere as is the 1988 rv itaska also there was a model 1988 Georgieboy with a John Deere chassis and i found this little bit of info as well   just thought i would post this little bit of info i will post more as i find more

arberg0 aka william  :)clap :)clap

Did someone before mention a JD chassis?  Seems like last year some time.  I thought that JD took over the Dodge truck chassis plant or plants when they went bankrupt the first time in the late 70's or at least some of the plants.  May be just dreaming.
JD :-\

During the time frame of late 80's, most RVs were built on a Johne Deere or a Chevy chassis.  John Deere sold to Oskkosh who then sold to Freightliner.  Most engine parts are Ford.  Special parts come from Freightliner, such as brake hoses.  There are also alot of aftermarket parts on the chassis, like some fuel pumps, guages, windshield spray nozzles etc.  There are parts available thru StepVan parts stores too.

If you could be more specific about what you are looking for, I can give more detail.


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